Taking Care of Sandals to Last Longer

Support the soles

Walking for long periods can wear out the sole of the sandals. Therefore, they need reinforcement. You can have a cobbler fix a sole protector, which is a thin layer of preventive rubber. The rubber can help keep water from soaking through the sandals, making them slip-resistant while helping them to last longer. This way, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the sandals.

Address the spots

When the sandals receive stains, it is important to treat them immediately; suede sandals need to be handled with great caution. Water spots can be buffed out gently with a brush or suede stone as soon as the sandals receive stains to ensure the best opportunity of removing the stains. If you have leather sandals, salt stains have the capacity of permanently damaging the shoes. Therefore, it is important to treat the footwear quickly using a damp cloth.

Keep them in shape

To help keep the sandals in shape, you may consider stuffing them with papers. This is light of the fact that when a sweaty or wet sandal dries, it often curls. Therefore stuffed paper can help maintain the right shape, prevent the foot wear from losing shape, sagging and wrinkling- in the process extending their life span.

Savvy storage

If you have leather sandals, you should consider tucking then away in a closet with room temperature. However, too hot an area can shrink the leather. If the sandals are wet or damp, you should avoid putting them back in their boxes – this will cause odor, mildew and mold to form.

Switch the sandals

It is tempting to consider slipping the same sandals every day. However, sandals need a day off. Therefore, it is advisable to consider rotating different pairs of sandals. Like most of the footwear, sandals need some rest therefore; you should avoid wearing the same sandals three to four times a week. The sandals will last for longer when they are given time to rest.