Wear A Tube Scarf

  • As a neck warmer – Depending on the length and width of the scarf, you can hang the scarf on your neck and loop it twice or three times for a look that is both stylish and warm.
  • As a hood – For colder days, loop the scarf three times around your neck (just like before) but take one of the loops and pull it from the back to the front over your head like a hood. You may choose not to loop but to wear it around your neck then pull it over your head for looser hood.
  • As a shoulder wrap – Loop the scarf twice around your neck and then pull the layers out to spread on your shoulder. Add a brooch or glittering pin for some added pizzazz.
  • Bolero style – Insert your left arm through one end, wrap the scarf around your back and insert your right arm through the other. Wear it gathered on your shoulders for a vest style.
  • Halter – Step into the scarf, twist it once then put your head through the resulting loop. This look is especially attractive paired with jeans or a long flowered skirt.
  • Simplicity – You can just wear the scarf draped loose around your neck for a simple yet stylish look that pairs well with shorts and boots. Take it one step further and keep the cowl in front with the rest of it draping over your shoulders like a shift.


Tie a Silk Scarf

Accessorize with a colorful silk scarves can instantly change the look of even the simplest black dress from drab to chic/stylish. Tie a simple knot very loosely in the scarf to get the look that you want.

  • Wrap the scarf around your neck, keeping the loose knot open with one hand at one of the ends.
  • Take the other hand and, while holding the second end of the silk scarf push it through that open loose knot.
  • And now pull the silk scarves completely through that loose knot.
  • Now hold the both ends of scarf together so that the ends are properly even.
  • And add some final touches by arranging it as you please. And that’s it you tied up your scarf successfully with a nice neat knot.

This method creates a wrap that you can wear with anything, from dressy to everyday, and have a great look.

There are many other ways to tie up your scarves. This is the simplest way to tied up your silk or woolen scarves. If you are looking for some great silk scarves you can take a look at Scarfhub, really amazing and well-designed scarves.

Wear a Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina scarves are such an important staple in keeping warm during the fall Check out some of our suggestions on how to wear a cute colorful pashmina this fall so you will be on top of your fall fashion game this upcoming season. How do you wear your pashmina? Do you use any of the examples we have below or do you have your own way? Read on to see if these are some ideas you already knew about or learn a thing or two about wrapping scarves in different ways since there are so many different styles of scarves available then why not try them on differently.

  • Around your neck – Wrap the pashmina scarf around your neck. This doesn’t just look very stylish but also keeps your neck and chest very warm.
  • Traditional Shawl Style – Wrap the scarf in a traditional shawl way by wrapping it around your upper body. This is very traditional yet sophisticated, it keeps you warm. Perfect when you are wearing a dress to a party, or even when you are wearing pajamas and staying in on a cold night.
  • Drape it leaving both ends loose – This is a more casual style of wearing a pashmina scarf. Just take it behind your neck and leave the ends loose on both the sides up front.
  • One end in the front, one in the back – Leave one end loose in the front, and wrap around your neck and leave the other end loose towards the back. Again a very casual style but works with a lot of different types of outfits – with dresses, with pants when you are sitting in a cozy set up with friends on a friday night for a drink.