About Denim Jeans at Glance

When you have jeans that can be purchased for as low as 15.99 to over $3,000 you’ve got to wonder whether you’re paying for anything more than a name. Besides different styles, some people may feel that it doesn’t make a lot of difference whom they buy jeans from.

So is there a real difference between cheap and expensive jeans? The short answer is yes. High end jeans often use more expensive processing and stitching methods which help to preserve the fabric and give it the capability of “molding” to your body over time. High quality jeans will also tend to have better selvage which in layman’s terms prevents the thread from unraveling. Other factors that can affect price and quality are the amount of fabric (in ounces) used, and where the cotton is sourced from. Different countries have varying characteristics to their cotton which will produce differences in the end product. On the other hand, some of the most expensive jeans on the market happen to be those that come in raw denim form. That’s because the production methods and attention to details coupled with the long lifespan raw denim has with proper care (and even not so proper care) sets raw denim apart from any of its washed counterparts.

I don’t want to make this more complicated than it needs to be. The reality is that most of us go in the stores and simply choose whatever fits and looks good in the dressing room so long as the price is right. But if you’re looking to invest in a pair of jeans there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Note that most retailers carry a limited number of high quality jeans from a limited number of brands. That means that in order to get a good sample of varying grades of jeans, you’re gonna have to hunt for them… most likely online. Don’t despair though; you can always reach out and request fabric samples (or just read reviews) before taking that gamble.
  • Understand that sizing and fit will vary depending on the style, company, and whether the fabric is raw or processed. Even if you have a custom pair of jeans made they may feel funny when you first try them on. Don’t forget that the method of processing will determine how long they take to break in, mould, lose shape, fade or otherwise adapt to you.
  • Recognize that although many jeans may look the same in terms of style, they each will have their own unique care regimen to keep them looking good.
  • Decide how much TLC you’re looking to give to your jeans. If you’re the kind of person that washes your whites and dark colors together, you may want to consider whether higher maintenance jeans are for you.

Avoid Buying Fake Colored Jeans

Inspect the merchandise

Admittedly, this is difficult to do when you are shopping online. It is, however, important to know what you are buying and a close inspection will help. When shopping online, examining photos can help and you can try to look for details that identify the genuine products.

Shopping from reputable sites is the best way to make sure that you buy genuine products because some sites use stock photos and you cannot be sure that the photos represent the products on sale.

Consider the price

If you notice that the price is way below what you would expect to pay for the designer jeans, it is obvious that the merchandise is counterfeit. A store will not sell clothes without making a profit and if the seller is offering the jeans at prices that are very discounted, it is usually a clear sign that they are not genuine. Find out what the recommended price for the jeans is before you start shopping.

Research the store

You need to know the reputation of the store and find out if they sell genuine products. You also need to know where the designer jeans are manufactured. The more information you can get about the pants, the easier it will be to identify genuine articles. Learn how to inspect the details on the labels so that you can identify the manufacturer.

The quality of the jeans

Genuine jeans are easy to identify if you take the time to inspect the workmanship. If you notice any defects, you should doubt the authenticity. A close inspection of every little detail from the flaps to the horseshoe, can tell you a lot about the quality.

Those who manufacture the fake jeans are interested in the highest profit margins and they do not have the time to think about all the small details.

Buying Big Size Mens Jeans

Comfort is an important factor when a man wants to buy any type of apparel. Although it is good to be fashionable, you should not always be looking for the latest trends. You need something that is comfortable enough for you to wear for extensive periods. If trousers are too tight, you will end up drawing attention to the bulge you are trying to cover.

It is also important to select jeans that are appropriate for the occasion that you are attending. They should not be worn at formal occasions except when there are specific instructions to that effect. The regular light blue color is recommended for everyday use whether you are at home or going out. Darker colors are good for semi-formal occasions. These can be worn with a sports jacket.

It is better to stick to the classic designs rather than the faded styles that have become popular with younger people nowadays. Pre-ripped designs should also not be part of your wardrobe unless you are still a teenager. This does not mean that your wardrobe should be dull. You can add some variety by choosing different colors.

The material is another factor that you should keep in mind. Women can wear those that are made from all types of fabrics because of the nature of their fashion. They have a variety of fabrics to choose from such as spandex or cotton. Men on the other hand have to stick to denim most of the time. Denim is the most recommended material because it is sturdy and still comfortable. If you choose exotic fabrics, you will discover that they will not be suitable for a lot of occasions.

It is vital to pay attention to sizing if you are ordering big mens jeans online. Even if different brands are labeled with the same size, they may not have the same fit. You should also make sure that the designs that you buy have adequate rise. The rise is the distance from the button to the crotch. Your legs will appear shorter if you buy low-rise styles.

Keep Your Jeans Looking Great

Rinse before wearing

Rinsing the pants before they are worn for the first time will eliminate any transferable indigo dye. The process of rinsing removes most of the starch from the denim allowing whiskers and creases to be softer. The softer the creases are, the less likely the fabric will tear.

Do Not Wash to Soon

Experts recommend putting off the first washing of denim pants for at least six months. This allows ample time for the natural creases to form in the fabric. The crotch, knees, and ankles develop fading and wear that gives each pair of pants its own unique appearance. Tips for keeping the clothing fresh during this time include placing dryer sheets in the pockets and hanging them outdoors overnight. The six-month rule may be impossible to follow if the wearer uses them for work that involves constant exposure to dirt and mud.

Wash By Hand

Washing denim by hand is required for them to maintain the appearance and feel of new pants. Those individuals who prefer the faded look can clean their denim pants in a washing machine on the delicate setting. Denim should be washed in water that is room temperature. A small amount of neutral washing powder produces the best results. After the first wash, it is best to wash pants approximately every three months.

Keep Away From Heat

Consumers should avoid exposing denim pants to heat whenever possible as it puts excessive strain on the fabric and causes shrinkage. This means avoiding putting them in the clothes dryer after washing. The best way to dry denim is to hang it in a shady spot with plenty of fresh air circulating. It is also possible to dry pants flat but the surface must be even because the dye will marble if the fabric is resting unevenly.

Wear With Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are the ones we use for a casual, relaxed outfit. For women, they can handle nearly any height of heel, and they go well with trim shoe styles as they do with heavier ones. The good news is that the style is flattering for any fit woman/man. For example, a woman who wants to make her legs look a bit longer can use these jeans combined with a short jacket. You can also roll up to ankle a classic pair of straight jeans, for a more chic look. It will also expose and highlight any new pair of shoes you have both. Needless to say, your high-heel shoes will make a really bold stance.

If you want a though look, use some cool looking ankle boots with low heels. A really nice casual look can be obtained by using a colorful cardigan. And do not forget to get your scarf if the weather gets really chilly. You can never go wrong with a pair of straight jeans and a long coat. This style has been advertised by many celebrities who want to look chic and elegant. Furthermore, you can accessorize the style by adding a statement necklace. A simple, classic blazer will give a more distinctive look to any casual straight jeans. And you can easily accessorize it with a pair of sunglasses. Just make sure to match the colors.

For those who want a sassy look, we have good news. Denim pairs well with backless shirts. Again, you must choose your clothing carefully, and we are talking only about the color matching. Wearing something sassy can be a risky maneuver and there is a very thin line between something spicy and provocateur and something that’s kitschy. The trend for this autumn is a cropped, stovepipe straight-leg silhouette. It is a good reminder of the 90′, but let us not forget that mom jeans are also returning nowadays, stronger than ever before.

Choose the Best Jeans for Women

Short body type

Companies are designing jeans that fit women with shorter legs and a low-waist. Wide-leg jeans are often recommended because they help to elongate the legs. If you find a pair of jeans that you like, but one that is a little longer you may consider hemming them. This will stop them from dragging on the floor. Jeans that have straight legs as opposed to those with a boot cut can be re-hemmed and shortened using the same stitching without having to change the shape of the jeans.

Tall body type

Tall women have a several styles of jeans to choose from. A pair that features a low rise style can show off your slim hips and flat tummy. If you want to accentuate your legs, you may consider wearing high-waist jeans. Tapered-leg or wide-leg jeans look great on tall women because they seek to give a desirable lean line. Many companies are designing jeans that fit taller women. Therefore, you do not have to worry about letting the hem out for a short pair of jeans you like.

Protruding tummy

If you struggle with a big belly you may consider wearing a classic dark-wash to offer you a slimming effect. Choose mid-rise jeans that allow the waistband to appear mid-tummy and not below or above the tummy. It is also advisable to avoid distressed washes because they have a tendency of drawing attention to unwanted areas. Furthermore, you are better off avoiding jeans with pleats. Boot cut jeans can help achieve an ideal body balance.

·Large hips

Curvier women need to look for jeans that have a little stretch. If you prefer hiding your hips you are better off avoiding distressed jeans. You could choose a wider waistband to avoid exaggerating the curves. Straight legs are ideal because having larger hips means thicker legs. Straight legs help to give a uniform width.