Quest for the Most Fashionable Evening Dress

Evening dresses inevitably became the measure of power and status quo among society women nowadays. With a simple dress, people can easily judge a woman on a party as elegant, mediocre, promiscuous, or worse, forgettable. If you are one person who cares what impression you are to leave to the lookers of the party, then you must take dress-hunting to a whole new level. Surely, you do not want to send out the wrong impression.

Looking for an evening dress can be tricky since trends change every season. In fashion, nothing is constant. One day, this look is “in”, but the next day it isn’t. One way to know what’s hot at the moment is by looking at magazines or watching televisions and look for red carpet events. Try to look for the similarities among their clothes. Are most of them wearing empire cut dresses? How about mermaid-fin cut gowns? Look at the connection on what popular designers have come up with through their creations.

A sure tip in finding an evening wear that might help is to know your body. Following trends is good but must not be applied at all times. The reason for this is because fashion is different from trend. Trend is what’s latest and happening right now, while fashion is the knowing your body type and determining what works with it. No matter how much you like a trending fashion item, if it does not go well with your skin tone or physical features, then it’s best to leave it in the rack.

At the end of the day, it’s feeling beautiful that is important when you choose a dress. While some would go for pieces that they think is fashionable, making it work with your body figure is always the best choice. Lastly, do not be afraid to experiment and accessorize because the best fashion trends were once just an imagination and experiment of one creative person. Have fun searching for the perfect evening dress and work your magic to steal the night.

Choosing A Club Dress

Club wear options

  • Cocktail dress – Most women will turn to this type of dress when they go clubbing. These mini-dresses feature a little extra length in the hem, a structured bodice, and a beautiful silhouette.
  • One shoulder dress – This fitted mini dress features one wide shoulder strap, allowing the other shoulder bare. Don’t pair this with a necklace but rather choose a beautiful pair of earrings. You may accentuate your arm on the side of the bare shoulder with a cuff bracelet.
  • Bandage dress – This is a form of skintight clothing made with bandage like strips. They are created to accentuate the contours of the body. Dresses of this sort are also called body-con, shortened from body-conscious.
  • Contrast dress – Many club dresses feature color blocking. These dresses make use of bright colors taken typically from the opposite sides of the color wheel to produce bold and beautiful outfits. You may use color-blocking even if you’re plus-size. The fundamental principles of figure flatter will still apply. To wit, bright colors emphasize, while dark colors hide less desirable features.

Helpful hints

  • Dress with comfort in mind – Pick something you feel comfortable in. This is going to ensure that you won’t spend the entire night yanking at your clothes trying to adjust your outfit.
  • Suit your outfit to your intended activity – If will be dancing or clubbing, dress up so that you will look your best. When selecting your dress, dare to stand out. Going clubbing is the perfect occasion for dressing up in a bold and exceptional outfit.
  • Have confidence – It doesn’t matter how beautiful a dress is, it can only be gorgeous if the one donning it feels confident in herself. Select a dress that flatters your figure and show your fashion sense.

Where you should buy

Even though local brick-and-mortar stores provide a range of club wear dresses you can select from, you might find more up-to-date selections from online stores. You’ll also find it easier to find cheap club dresses for plus size females online instead of offline. When purchasing online, make sure to know as much as you can about the companies you wish to transact with. Prior to buying, read comments from previous customers so you can get an idea of the quality of both shopping experience and the products they offer.

Discount Prom Dresses

  • Differentiate between a discounted and used dress. The former is a brand new dress, preferably from a good designer, that is available at an attractively low price.
  • Check that the dress is made of high quality materials. It should also be stitched well, with all seams and hems done correctly. Poor quality tailoring will look awful and the dress will also not last very long. Be especially careful about quality in case the dress has beads, rhinestones or lace which need to be stitched on with a great deal of care.
  • The store selling the dresses should offer a wide range of the latest designs or else you will have an outdated look on account of trying to get a dress at a low price.
  • You should ideally be offered alteration and customization services. This is necessary in order to ensure that the dress fits you like a glove. After all, very few people have the figure to fit perfectly in a store bought dress.
  • The store you buy from should be a reliable one that follows fair business practices. For instance, it should have a good policy on returns or exchanges. If the store in question is an online retailer, then you need to be certain that it will deliver exactly what has been ordered.

As you can see, what you need is an inexpensive dress for your prom that does not look cheap. Thankfully, there are stores that specialize in offering these outfits. They are able to offer lovely prom dresses at low prices on account of getting them stitched at low prices and using economies of scale. Some of these stores make very close copies of designer dresses.

How to Make a Leopard Print Dress

If you are on the lookout to find a sensational leopard print dress to cause a huge stir in your upcoming party or wedding invitation the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to ascertain exactly what kind of outfits you are looking for. To gather some idea you can take a look at the fashion magazines or watch television and get aware of the latest fashion trends. You can also come across latest fad while you roam in the public. Once you make up your mind about the kind of attire you want to be clothed in you can order the pattern online. But it is always wiser to purchase the fabrics from a retail store so that you can try and feel the colour and quality of the on your own. Once you come upon quality fabric the next thing you should do is to get your hips, waists and chests measured. I case you have chosen for the stiffer fabric, you are better off leaving 1 inch for the seam. Now you have to decide would you go for a mini leopard print dress or you are fine with normal length. In case you prefer a mini dress, tailored fit is what you should opt for as it goes best with mini leopard printed outfits.

If you are purchasing the fabric to make a summer wear your chosen fabric should be light-weight and if this is going to be your winter special attire then it is better to buy a fabric that is comparatively heavier. Now that you are through with the selection of the fabric and pattern, it is time to cut the patterns pieces out and iron them to smooth out the creases and wrinkles. This pressing of the fabrics also helps preshrink cottons linens that are natural fibres. After ironing, the part of the fabric needs to folded over and you need to place double pattern pieces on the folded fabric. After that, these pattern pieces need to be pinned to the fabrics and cut those pieces out. While cutting the pieces out you need to very discreet and keep a close eye for the dirt, notches and markings. Now you need to pin up the fabric pieces and line up the notches to ensure that the pattern pieces of your coveted leopard print dress fit together perfectly. Finally you need to sew the pattern according to direction. To ascertain that your newly made leopard print dress is absolutely fit you just need to press the seam open.

High Low Prom Dresses

High low prom dresses are the perfect choice if you have a lovely pair of legs to show off. Since they are low at the back, they enable you to look sexy without feeling completely exposed. As a matter of fact, this is the only way you could look sophisticated and elegant while wearing a very short skirt. The other advantage of wearing this kind of dress is that you can dance very easily and comfortably in it. They have a very youthful look that tends to be missing from long formal gowns.

If you are shorter than average then you have another reason for choosing this kind of dress. Since it shows a lot of leg, it gives the illusion of height whereas most designs of long dresses would just make you look short. In fact, a very petite person might just get lost in a voluminous dress. Don’t forget that you have to wear the dress and not the other way around.

Since high low designs are so popular these days, there are many different options for you to choose from. Be sure to try out quite a few of them so that you select one that suits your body shape and personality. Never make the mistake of choosing a dress simply because it is fashionable or because you have seen a celebrity wearing something similar. For instance, ruffles and flounces will not suit a curvy body because they will just make you look larger than necessary. If you are petite then a flowing dress made of chiffon will suit you very well.

Pick the Right Party Dress

Skin color

It is important to pick dresses that will suit your skin tone. Picking dresses that do not suit your skin color will hamper your looks even if the design of the dress is good.

  • Fair skin: If you have fair skin, avoid clothes that are white or yellow. Women with dark hair can opt for a red or green color dress. Alternatively, you can opt for dresses that are bright or neutral colors.
  • Medium skin: If you have a medium skin tone, pick clothes that have a warm tone. Neutral shades like black, grey and brown will complement your skin tone. You can also opt for party dresses that are blue or red.
  • Dark skin: Avoid wearing black or brown clothes, if you are dark-skinned. Opt for light shades like white, yellow, pink and green, as they will highlight your skin tone.

Body Shape

Picking a dress that suits your body shape is very important, especially, if you want to look great. Only certain type of clothes can highlight your body shape and therefore, one should know their body shape and pick a dress that suits them.

  • Big hips – If you have big hips, avoid party dresses that have prints, especially in the lower half of the dress. Opt for single shaded straight cut or empire line clothes if you have prominent hips.
  • Big breasts – If you have big breasts, opt for clothes that have a square neck or try a low-cut dress. If you wear clothes that has a wider strap, it will give support for your breasts, while using a thinner strap will help to decrease your bust.
  • Small breasts – Small breasted women can opt for a dress with a low neckline or one with a high neck. Spaghetti straps and long-sleeved dresses also suit women with small breasts.
  • Tummy – If you have a small tummy, avoid buying party dresses made of satin or silk. Opt for empire line or flared dresses with a wide belt, as it will help give your more shape.

Make a Dress Shirt

Collar Band

It is the inner part of the collar which forms it and keeps it stiff. It is made up of fabric. The height of the collar band makes the height and width of the collar. The button is the part of the collar band.


Collar is the most important part of the dress shirt. It holds together the whole shirt and gives it a nice look. They are found in different sizes. Following are the types of collars.

Collar Point

The points ought to lie flat and be wrinkle free. The shirts which have the collar points, the collar stays are on the reverse aspect of the points. These are either for good stitched in or removable. It is best to get rid of stays before washing. Button down collars typically do not have stays.

Collar Spread

It depends on the size of the collar. It varies from collar to collar.

Front Center Placket

The piece of fabric on the front of the shirt wherever the buttonholes are placed. In old times it absolutely was a separate piece of fabric sewed to the front, however nowadays shirt manufacturers fold the sting of the fabric to create the piece of cloth. It offers the shirt an outlined center and makes a clean end wherever the shirt sides be part of to be fastened. Most shirts can have a six or seven button front.


It is not necessarily important for dress shirts to have this feature. It depends on the choice of the manufacturer. Some brands do not have the pockets.


Sleeves are made either half or full. They come in only these two versions. Full sleeves are appropriate for business meetings and official work. Half can be worn in summer and hot weather.

Sleeve Placket

This is the open space simply higher than the cuff. Additionally referred to as a “Gauntlet.” several higher shirts have a operating button on the piece of cloth in order that this gap are often closed once the shirt is worn. It originated to modify men to roll back their cuffs. It additionally provides a much better work round the forearm.


Cuffs are made into different styles. They can either be folded back or can be left as it is. Dress shirts typically are available barrel cuffs, with one or 2 buttons, or they can have French cuffs and others are convertible cuffs. French cuffs fold over and need cuff links for closure. In some sense, they look dressier and bulkier. A convertible cuff will either be buttoned or secured with a cuff link.


This is the strip of fabric seamed across the shoulders to connect the front and back items of the shirt. Custom shirt manufacturers use a split, or two-piece, yoke so that they will regulate every shoulder severally for a custom work. It’s additionally of times found on finer quality factory-made shirts.


This allows a flexible movement of shoulders when wearing a dress shirt.