Bamboo Clothing

The garments are so eco friendly, and as the world are going green, or working to find ways to go back to nature, then this is certainly a step in the right direction. The manufacturers have made great strides in helping to save our planet. The fabric is so innovative in my humble opinion; I believe we should consider spreading manufacturing into more directions than for what it is being used for today, making sports wear.

The fabric is basically so wonderful, it should be used in making things such as, baby wear, bedding for babies, linens, they should consider making working clothes, like suits for women, just about anything you can conceive to do with fabric, then, these fabrics can do it.

The versatility of the bamboo fabric and the fact that it is light weight, breathable, chemical free, protects us from 99% of the sun’s rays, affordable, is the perfect reason we should really consider expanding the uses of this technology. The promotion of healthy living is essential, and as such there is no other way to go. Having experienced this product then I am sure the wider world will agree with me that this product cannot stop at performance apparel, but needs to venture out in the other direction.

In doing this, more jobs will be created, because of the expansion. The economy will improve. There will be a lot more spending potential in the market place, instead of what is happening now in the world where economies are shrinking. The prospect of more spending is such a huge bonus. Who knows, maybe, it would put some more thinking caps on in the technological arena, to consider using even more plants to make fabric instead of continuing to use manmade stuff? This is indeed harmful to the environment, anyway, so being innovative and thinking along the lines of going green will be a plus for us all.

We can do anything we set our minds to do. If we can conceive it, we can certainly achieve it. It took us years to get to this place of going back to nature. It took years for us to realize that what we need to do is not be selfish and consider someone other than ourselves, and, going the route of bamboo byproducts manufacturing is indeed going in the right direction. I hope we will certainly move speedily in continuing this revolution.

Gothic Clothing Fashion

A clothing style worn by the members of the Goth subculture has become tantamount with Gothic fashion clothing, which stands for a definite style of clothing that prefers stark dark to extravagant colors.

Goth clothing features dark cloths such as dark velvets, dark fishnet, dark lace, dark gloves and dark leather shaded with scarlet. In order to put extra weight to Goth clothing, Goths dye their hair black and darken their lips, eye-lines and finger-nails.

Gothic fashion re-emerged in England during the early 1980s in the Gothic rock scene, which is a derivative of the Post-punk genre. But the original Goth subculture is believed to have flourished between 1200 AD and 1450 AD, when the outfits were more graceful, but simpler in cut than in the Romanesque period. More importance was given to forearms of the sleeves that were tight. Necklines were usually deep, while dresses were typically longer. Minimal trimmings were an important feature of Goth clothing of this period. But, with the passage of time styles kept changing quickly. By the 15th century, fabrics became stiffer. Padded doublets, leg-o-mutton sleeves, crisp pleat, tight belts were also distinguishing characteristics of Goth clothing in 15th century.

Gothic corset fashion has not lost its prominence even in the modern times. Gothic corset is piece of women clothing that shapes the body of a women like an hourglass, which is widely considered as flattering as well as aesthetic. This piece of clothing is an indispensable part of the Victorian and medieval costumes. Currently, the garment is more soft and convenient to wear than what it was in the Victorian and medieval period.

Gothic outfits include light natural fiber shirts with ruffles, short black trousers, dark wide-brimmed hats, accessories with dark umbrellas and silver ornaments. Pirate shirts and pirate boots gives an extra weight to Goth clothing. In the medieval era, pirate boots were used by sea bandits called pirates. These boots were usually strong enough to assist pirates in the adventurous acts during long sea voyages. Pirate shirts are generally loose fit, frilly and have drooping shoulders.

In winter Gothic coats keeps the wearer warm. The best Gothic coat is the one that covers the wearer from the head to the knees. Gothic boots are also very important to the Goth fashion. Gothic boots protect the user’s feet from several dangerous places such as forests, rocks and the like by making the user stable in unstable places. Goth women generally wear boots with heel as high as possible, while men prefer flatted boots. Gothic boots are usually dark in color, but sometimes Goths can be seen wearing bloody-red boots.

Buying LED Clothing


One of the biggest groups of people who could benefit from purchasing LED clothing is advertisers or business owners. That is because these shirts truly stand out due to their bright flashing lights. Because they are customizable, it is possible to get your business logo on a shirt and then wear it, getting plenty of attention as you go. For advertisers, LED shirts are a great improvement on the classic t shirt with a logo. While the former will put a brand in people’s subconscious, the latter will get their attention in a way that they actually realize, making it well worth the investment.

Special Events

LED clothing is also incredibly useful for special events such as parties or carnivals hosted by a company. If there is large crowd and a need to distinguish the staff from the rest of the group, then these shirts can do the job incredibly easily. While most events will rely on brightly colored clothing, these flashing shirts do an even better job at attracting attention and making it clear who is working at the event and who is simply a guest.


Another large group of people who could enjoy LED shirts and other items of clothing include people attending parties or special celebrations. If, for example, you like going to clubs or bars, a flashing t shirt could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It can be a great tool for standing out from the crowd and attracting the opposite sex. These shirts are also great for special celebrations such as bachelorette or birthday parties. You can either get one for the guest of honor or one for every member of the group. When you choose to buy light up shirts for special celebrations, you are not only getting an amazing shirt, but a great keepsake as well that will give you something to remember the night by.

Wear Lace Clothing

Lace shirts can be worn, so long as you wear a tank top that covers you underneath. If you choose to wear a bralet or something similar, make sure it is in a color close to your skin tone. You want the attention to focus on the sophistication of lace. If your undergarments show through, it just looks tacky. Wear a long sleeved lace top with skinny jeans and leather boots. Layer on a soft cardigan to add additional depth and texture. Or pair it with a floral or striped mini skirt for a contrast in both texture and pattern. Keep your jewelry simple. A long pendant or simple stone earrings will add style without going overboard. For nights out, pair a lace corset with a pencil skirt and gold heels. Carry a glittering clutch purse and keep a soft scarf with you to cover up in case you get chilly during the evening.

Short lace skirts should be paired with stops that cover up such as long sleeves or turtle necks. Lace is revealing or gives the illusion of reveal when lined, so it is best to combat this with a top that shows less skin. Longer lace skirts can be paired with a wide belt and a tank top or short sleeved shirt. You can wear a lace mini with a tank top if you wear leggings. Remember, keep things in balance.

Lace dresses are especially versatile. Wear with a belt and scarf draped around your neck. Carry an envelope clutch and you are all set for brunch with friends! Wear it to work with a blazer, a quilted handbag and sensible peep toe pumps. For casual coffee dates or shopping trips, wear a denim jacket or soft cardigan over your dress. For cooler weather, wear it over tights, ankle boots, a mid-length coat and tube scarf.