Styles for Flat Hair Type

One easy fix is a quick blow dry. Lifeless hair may be due to oiliness. This is a simple solution that may put volume to flat hair. After taking a bath, blow dry wet hair using a comb with a wide area (i.e. paddle comb). Continuously pull the roots going to the tips inwards while blow drying. Remember to keep the blow dry at a level. This is to keep the hair from being exposed on too much heat. After blow drying, add a liberal amount of hairspray in order to maintain the fix. Add a little more underneath to maintain the curves at the tips.

Braids may also come in handy to fix flat hair. A highly-recommended kind is the French knot, which arranges the tips glamorously sticking at the back. The French knot is easy to do. First is to part the middle section of the hair. Then braid the two sides separately. Leave a few tips. Then, tie the two braided parts in a bun while leaving the un-braided tips to stick out. This kind of style is recommended for formal occasions.

Another recommended quick fix is to add volume while adapting a “wind-blown” effect. This will create more life to the hair by allowing the tips to look wildly arranged. This quick fix is advisable for layered hair. After taking a shower, blow dry the hair using a special comb. Comb the hair continuously, pulling back from the root section to the tips. After blow drying, add a little hairspray to keep the arrangement. Focus on spraying at the inner section to maintain the “wind-blown” effect. This will style will add a little liveliness to the image. This kind of quick fix is best for short hair, wherein the length can easily be manipulated.