Spiritual Fashion

  • The Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra represents the element earth, and is related to our survival instincts, and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies on a physical level. When open this Chakra brings us health, prosperity and security.
  • The Sacral Chakra: located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs, is related to the element water, and to emotions and sexuality. When open it helps us with connection, and ability to accept others and new experiences; desire, fluidity and accept change.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra: is related to our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives. It is connected to personal power and the ego. When healthy, this Chakra brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power.
  • The Heart Chakra: as the name suggests is located just above the physical heart, and is connected to our ability to love. It represents balance of opposites (male/female, yin/yang). An open Heart Chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, have a deep sense of peace and centeredness.
  • The Throat Chakra: located in the throat represents communication; speaking our truth, being heard, self-expression and creativity. An open throat chakra will make us feel heard and understood.
  • The Brow Chakra: or the third eye chakra as it’s sometimes called, located between the eyes, allows us to see the bigger picture, seeing on an intuative level, wisdom, imagination.
  • The Crown Chakra: located at the top of the head, this is our connection to “God energy”, the spiritual plane. It represents inner and outer beauty, pure bliss.When open, this Chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.