Spiked Accessories

Jewelry is the easiest way to incorporate this tough girl trend into your wardrobe, especially if you are just starting to experiment. Stack a few spiked bracelets with some jeweled bangles or wooden cuffs. Or try a necklace with delicate metal shards paired with a floral or lace top for a look that is sure to stand out. The contrast pairing a notoriously frilly fabric with the modern twist of metal adds a stunning dimension to any outfit. Designers have also paired pearls, crystals, and sparkling gemstones with porcupine quills and metal cones for fierce yet feminine rings and earrings.

This fad has also been seen on shoes. The femininity of high heels have been intercepted by the incorporation of metal studs. Varying in shape, size, and length, you have to be careful not to kick anyone while wearing these shoes. They are pretty useful for self defense, though. More casual footwear like sneakers, flats and sandals have also been infiltrated by this trend. It is best not to wear long skirts with these types of shoes as the fabric could get caught and trip you. And besides, the whole point of these attention getting shoes is for them to be seen, right? Short skirts, shorts and skinny jeans will look great.

Handbags and clutches seem to be the most spectacular looking when covered in tough hardware and decorated with these metal spikes. Whether jutting out from the sides or covered completely, the petite and sweet nature of clutches are juxtaposed by the toughness of this kind of decoration. When combined with a snakeskin or animal print fabric, it takes this purse to a whole new level. Envelope clutch purses are a good choice for more casual outfits while knuckleduster minaudieres studded in metal are great for nights out.