Some Fashion of Layering

  • Cashmere Sweater Pullover-this is an essential piece for layering. You can throw it over any collared shirt to get the perfect layered look. It’s soft and comfortable and will add great warmth for those colder days in autumn. You can use cashmere sweaters as a mid base between an undershirt and a bigger jacket or coat when the winter months hit. Choose from an array of colors to keep the look fresh.
  • Chambray Button-Down-denim shirts are very trendy these days and it is the perfect addition to your layering essentials. You can use it alone, over a shirt, and you can throw a cardigan or jacket over it as well. The variety of denim washes is vast so you could go for the darker indigo chambray colors or the light blue washes. All will look great during the colder months. You can add a pop of color with a bright handbag or shoe.
  • Skinny Jeans-these are a necessary for a goes-with-anything look. Dark colors of denim will go well with anything you throw on. You can tuck them into your boots easily or you can easily wear them with flats or heels. They will flaunt your shape and look great with any outfit you layer and put together. It’s the essential pant for the layering look.
  • Cardigan-the cardigan is perfect for layering. They were pretty much designed for it. Cardigans are no longer just something your grandpa wears anymore. They are a staple of a great fall and winter fashion look. You can pull it over collared button-downs, t-shirts, long sleeve basics, and pretty much whatever you want. It will add to your warmth and give you a comfortable and trendy look.
  • Bright-Color Coat-Add a pop of color to any look with a bright coat or jacket. If you go for an all dark look with black jeans and a dark top, mix it up and express yourself with a bright-colored coat. This will create a great look and make a statement. The coat will keep you warm through those chilly fall and winter months.
  • Infinity Scarf-this scarf is a great look for those colder months. Throw this on over an oversized sweater for that comfortable fashionable look. Scarves are great for keeping the cold out but they are also great as accent pieces. Buy in array of colors to keep your look new and fresh over the many cold days in the season.
  • Riding Boots-or knee-high boots are a perfect accessory for the layered look during the colder months. You can tuck your skinny jeans into them easily and take on the rain, or snow. Pair these with a great pair of knee-high socks that come up above the boot for that ultimate layered look. Get that equestrian look with a great pair of riding boots to flaunt off along with your scarf and other accessories.