Red, White, and Blue Fashion

  • Red
    Without a doubt, red is a daring color to wear. Not only does it scream attention, but it gives off a confident, sultry vibe when worn properly. To add some red into your Fourth of July outfit without going overboard, pair your outfit with a red handbag. If you choose to get a handbag from an emerging fashion designer, this will ensure that you have the most unique and fashionable one of a kind fashion design, as upcoming fashion designers use only the highest quality materials to make an eye-catching piece. If you don’t plan on carrying many things during your Fourth of July adventure, a cross body bag is perfect because it can wrap across your body and is a convenient size. For a beach day, however, opt for a tote bag made by an independent fashion designer. This will ensure you have enough room in your bag to fit all of your beach must-haves and you can carry it all in style.
  • White
    Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate white into your outfit is to wear white as your bottoms. Whether you opt for a pair of white shorts or jeans, or choose to bare it all with white bathing suit bottoms or a skirt, white is the purest color that matches with virtually anything. Choose a pair of white bottoms that complements the body part you wish to accentuate. For example, if you want to elongate your legs, a white skirt with an A-line cut will do the trick. It’s important to stick to pieces that were made with these intricate details in mind. There are many independent fashion designers whose goal it is to create pieces that take into account specific details women want in a clothing piece, such as pieces that accentuate their curves or make their legs appear longer. The best part? Their one of a kind designs are so unique that you can rest assure you won’t show up to the beach barbecue wearing the same pair of shorts as someone else.
  • Blue
    For an aquatic look that would pair beautifully with your white bottoms, a striped blue and white top is a great way to integrate blue into your outfit without looking like a smurf. When shopping for red, white, and blue fashion, it’s a good idea to invest in one of a kind fashion designs made by emerging fashion designers, as the pieces are sure to last you for years because they are made of high-quality materials.