Reasons To Buy Vintage

  • Eco friendly – vintage clothing helps the environment, you are recycling and looking amazing while doing it. Some people worry the clothes will have a small odor and that’s just because its old and you know what all you need to do it add arm and hammer to the wash and you’ll be just fine.
  • Adding something to history – by buying vintage clothing you are adding your piece to history. Some woman in the 90s wore those pants, who was she? Where was she going? Was she beautiful, funny, and really smart. And now you have the same pants or dare I say a handmade dress from the 50s, a one of a kind, never to be made again. Did you know when fabric in a certain pattern is produced it is sent around the world they do not reprint… Ever! It’s true I used to design clothing and you can not get it again, they sell all they have.
  • It’s unique – if you walk in to a party rocking a dress from the 80s of the shoulder open back in body con fit in royal blue with rib knit… let us be honest its just you no one will have that dress. That’s a good thing have you ever dreaded the same dress situation like you bought it at Nordstrom and you wore it only to hear your friend walked in and looked just as cute. Well… um no, lets wear our own pieces or at least add a vintage component to make sure we stay an original.
  • EVERYONE is doing it – just a little peer pressure; everyone isn’t doing it but I thought I’d jokingly make that a point.
  • It’s in style – there are so many original vintage pieces that are in style; sheer blouses, floral pants, high waist skirts, 50s flair skirts, crop tops and so on. You can mix and match to make vintage work for you.