Wearing Pantyhose

If you’ve recently gained a bit of weight, wearing full-support pantyhose is the answer to your problem. Lose a few pounds by going for darker-colored pantyhose. They give you the illusion of a slimmer figure by providing compression, minimizing bulges, cinching the waist and tapering the thighs. Forget about surgery. Achieve a more flattering figure by wearing the right pair of supportive pantyhose.

If you’re petite girl, a quick and easy way to add a few inches to your height is by wearing pantyhose. Choose dark colored hosiery and pair it with high-heeled shoes in the same shade. This trick effectively gives you the impression of having longer legs.

Common fashion dilemmas that ladies have to deal with are visible panty lines. When you’re wearing body-conscious garments and tight fitting skirts, this is the least that you want to worry about. You can eliminate unsightly panty lines by selecting seamless underwear as well as wearing pantyhose. They give you a smoother and toned look and successfully conceal your behind.

Wearing pantyhose encourages you to be more creative and experimental with your day to day outfit choices. When you have numerous pantyhose styles and colors to

Ways To Stand Out In Dress Shirt

  • Wear A Tie
    The different styles of ties available to men today is vast and having a few different styles handy that go with the same dress shirt can give a man a different look every time to stand out. Further to just ties, men may choose to experiment with different tie knots as well. Besides the standard knots like the windsor and half-windsor, a man can stand out by trying out the Eldredge or the Trinity knots instead. However, these knots can come across as rather garish and may not be suited for work or formal occasions.
  • Wear A Tie Pin
    A simple silver bar across the tie can add a little bit of class to a man’s look and style and also keep the tie clean during a meal. This little accessory works in all settings – from formal affairs to a normal workday.
  • Wear A Collar Pin
    A lot of men may not know that a collar pin is used to hold two ends of a dress shirt collar together. However, a collar pin can also be a cool accessory with the dress shirt that can help someone stand out from the crowd.

Floral Fashion For Men

Shorts and Pants

If you’re not comfortable pulling of floral tee shirts, but you want a touch of blooms, you can always go for flower-patterned shorts and pants. This outfit is perfect for summer and spring season. There are a lot of patterns and colors to choose from so don’t be afraid to try an experiment and mix and match with your other fashion pieces. Those who said only women look good in florals doesn’t know how to shop.


Who wouldn’t want to look polished like Harvey Specter, right? But, don’t be afraid to look polished and fashionably advanced. You don’t have to look tacky while wearing a floral blazer. Like all other fashion pieces, these come in different colors and patterns. The key here is to choose those that will complement you and your style. Also, the inner shirt combo should balance out the floral blazer.

Ties and bow ties

This is for the guys out there who love suits! If you cannot wear flower blazer and plants all the time, don’t fret. Flower ties are here. You have an unlimited array of ties and bow ties to choose from. Also,

Crossbody Purses

Choosing the right purse for your travel needs is easy. If you know you will spend most of your time in the city shopping, visiting museums and going to nice dinners, a leather bag is perfect. Be sure to choose one that is neutral enough to match with the clothes you have packed. Select one in a classic shape with a zipper and preferably a flap that folds over. Stay away from totes. The last thing you need is a swift hand snatching your wallet or passport right out of your bag.

Here are several items necessary to carry with you while traveling:

  1. A small map of your location. Sure, you can also use your smartphone, but more than likely you already look like a tourist so better to have a paper map than have your phone stolen.
  2. Laminated copies of your passport. Leave the original at the hotel.
  3. If in a foreign country, a book of common phrases.
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Lip balm
  6. A writing utensil

If you are more of an adventurous traveler and expect to be zipping around the jungle, hiking or riding elephants, consider taking two purses with you. A nice one for when you go out

Wear Stilettos Confidently

  • Get used to wearing them. If you buy a pair of stilettos specifically for a particular event, you have to be familiar with its feel on your feet. Test them. Wear them more often even at home before actually flaunting them for the first time at parties. You have to make sure that your feet and toes are used to them so that it won’t be that awkward when you wear them in front of many people.
  • Avoid too much standing or long walks. As much as possible try to give your feet a rest. If there are any chances for you to sit and chitchat with other people in the party, then do so. This will relax your toes and gain strength for you to last longer on your stilettos. You don’t have to be always standing. You can still socialize even when you are sitting down.
  • Make use of heel protectors. You can’t avoid tiled floors when you’re in somebody’s house or property. You can’t just sit the whole time fearing to walk on grass because your heels might sink. Wear a heel protector. It is especially made to protect you from slipping on

Wearing Chiffon Accessories

The elegant drape and flow of this material flatters all shapes and sizes, which make it a perfect choice for dresses. Because of the sheer nature of this cloth, make sure your undergarments match your skin tone. In addition, a slip the same color as your dress is recommended for extra coverage. If you cannot find a slip in the same shade, choose a white, ivory or nude colored slip. Accessorize with sleek and simple jewelry such as hoop earrings, gemstone studs or a simple chain and pendant.

Chiffon blouses are very versatile. For a casual daytime look for summer, wear a sleeveless blouse untucked over patterned jeans or leggings. Wear a crop top the same color as your blouse underneath it for a sexy look without exposing yourself. Wear sandals or flats for daytime, but you can easily take this look into night by changing into heels and wearing a statement collar necklace for some sparkle. Or, you can even wear a long sleeved pink blouse over black leather shorts, black heels and a gold clutch bag for a night at the club. A cute look for fall is to wear the same long sleeved top

Evening Gowns And Hair Styles For Occasions

Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing these gowns as it would prove to be difficult to wear clothes which are uncomfortable even if it is stylish. It is essential to choose clothes which are made from top notch quality. While choosing party dresses, it is important to consider the weather too.

One of the best ways to style an evening dress is by considering the different gowns worn by celebrities which are approved by fashion experts. It is easier to style evening dresses in this way and choose them accordingly from online or offline stores. Some of these dresses may prove to be quite expensive but it is possible to buy similar dresses at affordable price rates.

Some of the most stylish varieties of evening dresses include the halter dresses, the A-line dresses, hanky hem dresses, ball gowns and strapless gowns which can be found in different colors, styles and designs. The A-line dresses are exquisite and ideal for women with a balanced figure as it enhances their beauty. It can be found in various elegant materials such as satin, velvet and silk. It is important to choose colors that

Long Necklace

Now normally we see either the simple diamond necklace or we see the big statement necklaces, but not this year! This year it is all about the long necklaces. This style has been around for ages and ages, but as we all know style is cyclical. The one thing I love about this is that you truly can take a piece that is meant to be casual and turn it into an antique inspired look.

There are a few reputable products used by celebrities that are a perfect inspiration for this look, especially when we start thinking about layering the necklaces. This is a style that I think every woman can make her own because these necklaces have so many different styles. I have seen simple antique inspired animals, chains and pearls, and even simple stones like turquoise.

So how would you wear it?

  • Focus on one specific look that is your “go to style” and pick out a long necklace that speaks to that style. Something not too heavy but that will make a statement against a simple long top or tunic.
  • Get funky with it. Try an edgier office look and mix

Organize Your Trousseau


Buying wedding shoes can be a tricky business. They should be comfortable and match your wedding gown. Whatever style of shoes you prefer – stilettos, flat, strappy or ballet shoes; they should be comfortable to wear as the bride has to stand for long hours.


Choosing elegant and beautiful jewelry, i.e. necklace, earrings and bracelet, is another important aspect of bridal shopping. If you are going to wear a heavy, embellished wedding gown, try and keep your jewelry as minimal as possible. If you plan to wear a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline, then you can choose a beautiful elaborate necklace that will flatter your overall look even more.


A wide range of beautiful headpieces and tiaras are available in the market. The style and design of a tiara you choose depends a lot upon what kind of wedding dress you select and what looks good on your face. Buy a tiara or headpiece that looks flattering on you. And along with headpiece, don’t forget to buy some spare pins and clips to do up your hair nicely.


Buy a shawl or wrap that is warm

Designer Wears for Babies

Faced with too many choices of fabulous clothes, it can be difficult to set aside any option. Every piece of designer wear may seem exactly cut for your child. But you should not forget that babies grow very fast and there are only so many clothes that they can wear before they get past each stage. While you can enjoy going through all the options available, it is best not to stock up on too many pieces of the same style of clothing. There simply will not be enough chances to make use of them to do justice to the shopping. Buying a few choice items is the way to go when your child is visibly growing up every week.

Make sure you buy clothes that are right for the season. Remember buying ahead may not be a great idea unless you are buying larger sizes. Do not buy winter clothes that fit your baby perfectly when the sun is shining brightly and he or she needs an airy dress. Leave the hoodies and cardigans for the winter. You will be using these only for one season, so when you buy do not buy more than one