Designer Maternity Dresses

These days, designers are coming out with some really practical yet good looking designs in maternity dresses. You can even buy one or two of such dresses for an evening out or a special occasion.

Some tips while buying designer maternity dresses:

Stores selling maternity wear offer an excellent range and designs in maternity dresses. Some of the popular brands are Kara, Chloe, Emma, Celina Tank, and Jess among others.

Bold and solid colours work beautifully both for maxi and short dresses. Colours like black, red, hot pink and royal blue are very popular these days. Stripes and prints are also very elegant. You can choose depending upon your individual style and preference.

Empire dresses, wrap dresses, shift dresses, gathered dresses and A-line dresses beautifully show off the baby bump and accentuate your lovely curves. Empire and A-line dresses fit at the bust and flow loosely below. These dresses are able to work well with your expanding belly and are very comfortable. Wrap dresses are elegant and so easy to wear. They do not have hidden zippers, tassels or fasteners, are very comfortable and fit well. Gathered dresses with gathers at the neckline and

Choose the Perfect Khaki Pants

People who love wearing Khaki are usually aware of the variety of choice available in this fabric. There are a few things that are to be taken care of while choosing a khaki pant. The tips are:

  • Quality – This is the first thing that one must check before buying a khaki pant. As there is a variety of khaki material available at rock bottom prices, you need to ascertain the quality before you compromise on price.
  • Comfort – The second thing is to check the comfort. There are hard, soft and semi-hard varieties of khaki material found. One should go with a suitable type to feel comfortable.
  • Design – When it comes to the design of the khaki pants they are available in jeans type, slacks type, straight fit and regular type. It is up to the buyer’s wish that which type he/she wants to go with.
  • Size – This is something very personal as it varies from person to person. Some people prefer tight fit while some prefer a little loose.
  • Price – This depends on all the three above mentioned points i.e. quality, comfort, design and size.

These are

Styles for Flat Hair Type

One easy fix is a quick blow dry. Lifeless hair may be due to oiliness. This is a simple solution that may put volume to flat hair. After taking a bath, blow dry wet hair using a comb with a wide area (i.e. paddle comb). Continuously pull the roots going to the tips inwards while blow drying. Remember to keep the blow dry at a level. This is to keep the hair from being exposed on too much heat. After blow drying, add a liberal amount of hairspray in order to maintain the fix. Add a little more underneath to maintain the curves at the tips.

Braids may also come in handy to fix flat hair. A highly-recommended kind is the French knot, which arranges the tips glamorously sticking at the back. The French knot is easy to do. First is to part the middle section of the hair. Then braid the two sides separately. Leave a few tips. Then, tie the two braided parts in a bun while leaving the un-braided tips to stick out. This kind of style is recommended for formal occasions.

Another recommended quick fix is to add volume while adapting a

Retro Fashion Silhouettes

The 1950’s saw an explosion of prosperity for the United States, and the dresses from that era reflect it. After two decades, the lean years of the depression and the fabric rationing of the war were over. In 1947, Christian Dior sent shockwaves through the fashion world with his “New Look” collection. With its cinched waists and full, voluminous skirts, this style set the tone for years to come. Curvy, hourglass were in!

  • Fit & flare dresses have a fitted bodice and a full skirt. Think cocktail parties and Grace Kelly. This style was very fashionable from the late 40’s through the early 60’s, and has become popular again today. Fit & flare dresses are a fun, feminine style with swirling skirts that look great out dancing. They can be worn with a crinoline for extra volume or alone to really let the skirt move.
  • Pencil dresses run the gamut from office wear (Joan Harris on Mad Men) to slinky pinup garb (Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe) to elegant evening gowns (Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Pencil dresses are fitted from top to bottom, with a straight or slightly tapered narrow skirt that usually falls somewhere near

Wear Floral Prints

For casual outings, pair a black skirt with pink roses with a white oxford shirt under a blue knit sweater. Finish with cute ankle boots and an envelope clutch. If you want to add extra style, wear a bucket hat and let your hair hang loose. Another option is to wear maroon jeans with a sleeveless button down top in a bright pattern of roses and peonies. Add sensible heels, a short leather jacket and a handbag with a chain strap for a little bit of edge. A day at the beach deserves something a little more cool and skin baring. Try cut off jeans and a cropped tank top underneath a loose floral overshirt. Accessorize with a few bangles and wear sandals to finish the look.

In the fall, dresses in this pattern can be worn with thick tights, boots, and a solid cardigan. Add a pendant for some sparkle and you are set! If you are a little more daring, wear a body hugging tube dress, tights, boots, and a faux monkey fur jacket. Carry a leather handbag and some big sunglasses for that Hollywood look! For something more romantic on a summer’s evening, wear

Become A Successful Fashion

To begin with it is vital that you take time to learn your sector of which in this case it is the fashion exhibiting sector. Take a deeper, a more realistic and careful analysis of the sector. Analyze everything from the challenges, the benefits, downside, the high competition, who are the key players and their role, what is the future like for the industry and what is expected of you by the manner modeling sector. Know the different areas of the modeling and what they entail. This analysis will help have an overall picture of mode modeling and see where you fit in.

It is imperative that you undertake a comprehensive analysis of yourself. Take a deeper look at your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to fashion modeling. Be realistic and at the same time fair about yourself as this should help you to know where you can or cannot fit within the technique modeling. In addition, you will know which areas to work so that you improve on them if need be. Analysis plays a crucial role when you want to knowhow to become a successful fashion model. After a comprehensive analysis, you will be

History Polo Shirt

The 19th Century. It all started there. (Damn! That was our first reaction too. Who knew eh?). Wait till we give you another stunner. Manipur – India. (DAMN! Keeps getting better). British Soldiers stationed in India witnessed a match of the game (polo), wherein 2 teams on horsebacks play against one another with the objective of scoring goals against each other. The game got appreciated to quite an extent so much as the soldiers decided to go ahead and form first Polo Club of its time. Over a period of time, the sport became fairly popular amongst Soldiers and British Tea Planters. Just like any other popular sport, people started paying attention to the sports dress code. The traditional attire, at that time, consisted of a thick long sleeved shirt made up of cotton. As royal as it looked, it turned out to be quite uncomfortable as the collar kept flapping while galloping on the field. Officially the sport got introduced to England in 1862.

At the end of the 19th Century, one of the grandsons of the famous Brooks Brothers, John E-book came to England on account of some work. While watching a Polo game he

About Limitless Fashion

Many celebrities can be recalled for having pursued their individualist styles and managed to bring fame to their style of fashion.

One cannot forget Betty Boop, considered the sex symbol in 1930s for her loud and exhibitionist style of dressing. Her style of dressing came from her own personality and accentuated the role she wanted to portray. Her high energy combined well with her dark above thigh flapper dresses, shocking colored stockings up to the thigh with heeled boots and short hair style and managed to get the entire society’s attention.

1960’s saw the rise of Edie Sedgwick, the beautiful American actress, model and socialite turn fashion icon and famous artist Andy Warhol’s muse. It was her sculpted body features with long legs, straight silky hair accessorized with fur, dangling ear rings and pointed high heels that made her the top model and the most sought after fashion icon in the society.

Claire Danes who played the role of Angela Chase in My So Called Life stands out from amongst the style icons of the 1990s. She had not only performed her role stunningly but also managed to create her own brand of style of

Wear Hot Pink


If you are choosing lipstick, make your lips the focal point of your face. Wear neutral eye shadows, make sure your eyebrows are groomed and that your blush is very light and natural. Or you can line your lips in a bright liner and fill in with the same color gloss.

Eyeshadow is another way to showcase this hue. Accent with black liner and a light dusting of gold shadow to really enhance this look. Keep your blush light and your lips neutral.

Washable hair chalk is super fun, cute and washes out. Streak your hair with a few swipes for a funky punk rock look.

Nail polish is a fool proof way to bring this hue into your wardrobe’s palette.


Since this is a very bold shade, take it further and wear a statement necklace in this color. This looks especially striking over a v-neck or scoop neck top in mint. Or try geometric shaped stud earrings with a dark turtleneck sweater. A stack of bangles in different shades of pink are also a fun choice.


Light chiffon scarves and wraps are perfect in warmer weather,

Durban July Posh

This year’s theme is Posh oh my Gosh and in contrast to previous themes that were more open to avant-garde and outrageous interpretation, this year’s theme requests that we show off our finery in an understated and exceptionally elegant way. Your Durban July dress must be sophisticated, glamorous and stylish and this year I am expecting the ensembles to be classical with a race day edge. It is possible to dress stylishly and still be edgy and this year I think it will be about cleverly interpreting the theme so that it is neither boring nor staid but still very sophisticated and proper. A misconception is that elaborate design defines good style or that it is in some way more interesting but I always revert to the old adage that less is actually more.

The tradition of wearing hats to horse racing events began at the Royal Ascot in Britain which still maintains a strict dress code. All guests in the Royal enclosure must wear hats! This tradition was then adopted at other horse racing events around the world. Cue… The Durban July. The theme requests us to wear our best and be very, very posh. “Posh”