Maternity Dresses for Parties and Weddings

Party wear:

It is better to have a pair of dress trousers or skirt, whatever be your style. Team it with a lovely, feminine top, and you can look gorgeous. Experiment with colors. You may even go for a lovely wrap dress but buy one that fits well. An A-line dress works beautifully as well as it is fitted at the bust and is flowing from under it to accommodate your expanding size and yet look classy. Remember that it is not only the tummy that grows in size but the hips, thighs, and buttocks as well. Your legs may experience swelling too and you will find your normal shoes not fitting you. Go for comfortable footwear with lower heels. You can choose a good-looking design. And whatever you do go for nice accessories and tasteful makeup. Feel confident about yourself and you will shine. You will be surprised at how well some of these maternity clothes fit and that you can look really glamorous in them too.


If you have your own wedding planned, get a custom-designed dress done for you. Use your new-found assets like cleavage to your advantage. Keep the layers minimal and go for an elegant design. If it is someone else’s ceremony that you have to attend and if you can afford it, go for a fitted gown in a nice fabric. Avoid frills or trains. Keep the cut simple and classy. You can really look beautiful and radiant.

Do not treat pregnancy as a time to forgo everything that you enjoyed including dressing smartly. Shop at good maternity stores and revel in great cut and fit for your body. It does not have to be very expensive either. And remember buy apparel that appeals to you and fits you, not just look good on the rack.