Make a Dress Shirt

Collar Band

It is the inner part of the collar which forms it and keeps it stiff. It is made up of fabric. The height of the collar band makes the height and width of the collar. The button is the part of the collar band.


Collar is the most important part of the dress shirt. It holds together the whole shirt and gives it a nice look. They are found in different sizes. Following are the types of collars.

Collar Point

The points ought to lie flat and be wrinkle free. The shirts which have the collar points, the collar stays are on the reverse aspect of the points. These are either for good stitched in or removable. It is best to get rid of stays before washing. Button down collars typically do not have stays.

Collar Spread

It depends on the size of the collar. It varies from collar to collar.

Front Center Placket

The piece of fabric on the front of the shirt wherever the buttonholes are placed. In old times it absolutely was a separate piece of fabric sewed to the front, however nowadays shirt manufacturers fold the sting of the fabric to create the piece of cloth. It offers the shirt an outlined center and makes a clean end wherever the shirt sides be part of to be fastened. Most shirts can have a six or seven button front.


It is not necessarily important for dress shirts to have this feature. It depends on the choice of the manufacturer. Some brands do not have the pockets.


Sleeves are made either half or full. They come in only these two versions. Full sleeves are appropriate for business meetings and official work. Half can be worn in summer and hot weather.

Sleeve Placket

This is the open space simply higher than the cuff. Additionally referred to as a “Gauntlet.” several higher shirts have a operating button on the piece of cloth in order that this gap are often closed once the shirt is worn. It originated to modify men to roll back their cuffs. It additionally provides a much better work round the forearm.


Cuffs are made into different styles. They can either be folded back or can be left as it is. Dress shirts typically are available barrel cuffs, with one or 2 buttons, or they can have French cuffs and others are convertible cuffs. French cuffs fold over and need cuff links for closure. In some sense, they look dressier and bulkier. A convertible cuff will either be buttoned or secured with a cuff link.


This is the strip of fabric seamed across the shoulders to connect the front and back items of the shirt. Custom shirt manufacturers use a split, or two-piece, yoke so that they will regulate every shoulder severally for a custom work. It’s additionally of times found on finer quality factory-made shirts.


This allows a flexible movement of shoulders when wearing a dress shirt.