Leggings and Jeans for Older Women

Wear ankle length leggings: These will flatter anyone. However, finding the correct style that matches your shape is the best advice. Don’t confuse leggings with pants and panty hoses. They are tights and some are thick while others are sheer. So try to find the thicker ones. Some of them are longer, but try to avoid the capri length; especially if you are short or your calves are thick.

Wear tops that are flowing: With leggings, you want to wear long and loose tops to cover your butt; especially if you are heavy or wide behind. Because leggings are skinny on the bottom, it is evident that a long and wide top would work best. In fact, these kinds of top will hide any bulges that may exist. A bold tunic and leggings when you are over forty will give you a fresh new look.

If you want to wear a short mini dress coupled with a pair of leggings, it will not only dress up your outfit, but offer a more chic, conservative, modern and casual look.
Wearing flats or wedges: If you want to wear leggings, then choose a pair of flats or wedges. Of course, you can opt for high heeled shoes, but this may look a little tacky for a forty year old. This is a more teenaged look for clubbing. Ballet flats, wedges and low heeled boots are best for a mature and relaxed feel.

Colored jeans: These chic, fun, hip and modern jeans are in for the current and future season. They suit women of any age so don’t avoid them when you are older. They come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from. In fact, if you purchased pink-colored jeans, you could wear so many different colored tops with it as well as an assorted choice of shoes. You can dress up your outfit with a variety of accessories; depending on the occasion. If you are pear shaped, you could opt for wide legged jeans instead of the skinny fit. If you have limited curves, the skinny fit is best for you. For a boyish look, choose the cargo style.

For a more melodramatic look, create a color-block ensemble. This means, you would wear one color for the jeans and a conflicting color for the top. Don’t worry. You won’t look like a clown. Choose a neutral colored top such as black, gray or cream and a brighter color on the bottom. Have fun dressing up and looking younger.