Handbag Storage Ideas

  • Closet Organizer – A simple solution for storing the handbags out of harms way is likely to be the many choices available with the canvas closet organizers. They are not only able to provide a safe place for storing multiple handbags of all shapes and sizes, but they are also able to offer great visibility for ease in selection. Most of these organizers are able to strap or hang on an existing pole inside the closet. A quality aspect of the canvas based organizers is that they aren’t likely to cause any damage or scratch the outer surface of the handbags.
  • Under-bed Drawers – If you have a full collection of out of season handbags or purses that aren’t likely to be used often, it might benefit to use one of the under bed drawers and use the space beneath the bed. A low-profile draw which is intended for storing bags or clothing is built with the right mechanics for complete ease in sliding in and out. Wrapping each of the bags with tissue paper or similar is certain to increase the level of protection when these items are stored for the long-term.
  • Door Racks – In those situations where you are severely restricted with free space in the closets or floor, you might want to look at the available options with the door racks. They are often designed to hang on the back of almost any door inside the home and offers space for accepting multiple bags or purses. Many of the door racks include hooks for complete ease in hanging many more bags by the handles, although these bags should be emptied to make certain they do not excessively strain the handles.