Gemstones in Real Life

Sometimes people refer gemstones as birth stones or lucky stones for the benefits these can cause to the wearer. Different types of precious as well as semi precious stones are available in the market. There are several scientific, astrological, chemical and physical properties that make these vary from each other. One must have full information about the properties and effects before buying these lustrous precious or semi precious stones.

Amethyst Stone is a kind of quartz of purple or mauve color available in different hues. The usage and popularity of this stone date back to the time of Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. Birthstone for the people who celebrate their day of birth in the month of February, Amethyst is capable of producing magnetic fields in the same way as a human body does. Amethyst Stone is known to increase the energy level of the human body. Moreover, it is known for providing relaxation or comfort to the wearer. By wearing this stone, one can fight against insomnia, headache, stress, depression and many other problems.

Emerald Stone is known for its ability to improve or promote health to the wearer. If a person who is a writer, musician, judge, politician, government officer, architect or banker, then he or she can surely get success in the professional field by wearing Emerald Stone. Moreover, this stone enhances the metal and intellectual ability of a person. By the help of this stone, one can notice an increase in his or her wealth.

Yellow Sapphire Stone brings prosperity to the life of the wearer. By wearing a Yellow Sapphire Stone, one should be ready to welcome fame, prosperity, success, good health, fame and honor in his or her life. When worn by a married woman, it maintains harmony and love in the married life. Moreover, it has the power to bring back the lost love and removes obstacles that come in between the marriage of an individual.

The divine or miraculous powers of the Blue Sapphire Stone are also well known. It has a unique power to increase the lifespan of an individual, besides providing peace, contentment and spiritual enlightenment. Astrologer, doctor, writer, soldier or archaeologist prefer to wear Blue Sapphire Stone to get professional benefits. The Red Coral Stone is capable of making a person active, financially strong, determined and courageous. It also helps the wearer to completely finish the task that he or she has begun.