Find the Fitting Swimwear for Physique


You may find it difficult to find your ideal swimwear partly because your upper portion is larger than the lower part of your body. One thing you can do about this is to look separately for lower and upper parts with similar designs and match them. This can help to make you find the exact fit you’re looking for. If you have the time and budget to have it tailored for you, it will be better.


If your bust is small, you will need a pair that works to build-up your bust make your legs longer. A high-waist bikini that helps to highlight your curves is an excellent choice, especially if you have a petite body.


A swimwear in cutaway style that emphasizes your waist and flatters your hips may be one of the best for your figure. It really makes you look sexy, yet demure.


A sexy swim dress that covers your backside and accentuates your cleavage is a good option for your size. You should also make it a point to buy an additional outfit such as a sarong to conceal your thighs.


For women with an athletic physique, one of the best swimming outfit that can hug their figure perfectly is a tankini. It works to make your bust and hips look firmer, and it also looks like a one-piece suit that provides the convenience of a two-piece-suit.