Eyewear for Desert Vacation


Your best option for protecting your eyes in the desert will be to pick up a pair of firm fitting goggles. Goggles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including special sizes for women and children. Goggles are great for the desert since they cover your eyes completely and don’t allow space for any dust or debris to fly in underneath or over the lenses like with regular sunglasses. Goggles allow your eyes to be protected fully from the sun and wind as well.

UV Protection

Also critical is to look for eyewear with UV protection. Look for eyewear that offers UVA and UVB protection. The sun’s rays will be especially harsh out in the desert, where there are few if any trees, building or objects that can offer shade. Protect your eyes from those invisible rays with maximum UV protection.


Another essential feature you’ll want to look for in your eyewear is that they are shatterproof. This is easy though, since most sunglasses and goggles have lenses that are made of polycarbonate or some other plastic or glass that can’t shatter. Though watch out for the cheap glasses you find in the drug store hanging on those revolving display cases, they are often very cheaply made and may not have features like UV protection or shatterproof lenses. Even if they have a sticker on them that says they do, its no guarantee. Spend a little more and get a good brand of eyewear, your eyes will thank you for it!


Lastly, if you plan on doing any type of motorized or moving activity in the desert, you’ll want to make sure your goggles or sunglasses are safely secured to your body. A good pair of goggles will come with a tether that will stop your goggles from flying off your head while you are facing wind. You can also get a tether for sunglasses or other eyewear as well. Sometimes these tethers will be called something else, like a leash or lanyard.