Durban July Posh

This year’s theme is Posh oh my Gosh and in contrast to previous themes that were more open to avant-garde and outrageous interpretation, this year’s theme requests that we show off our finery in an understated and exceptionally elegant way. Your Durban July dress must be sophisticated, glamorous and stylish and this year I am expecting the ensembles to be classical with a race day edge. It is possible to dress stylishly and still be edgy and this year I think it will be about cleverly interpreting the theme so that it is neither boring nor staid but still very sophisticated and proper. A misconception is that elaborate design defines good style or that it is in some way more interesting but I always revert to the old adage that less is actually more.

The tradition of wearing hats to horse racing events began at the Royal Ascot in Britain which still maintains a strict dress code. All guests in the Royal enclosure must wear hats! This tradition was then adopted at other horse racing events around the world. Cue… The Durban July. The theme requests us to wear our best and be very, very posh. “Posh” will naturally mean different things to different people but it isn’t about being overtly sexy or over the top, this Durban July the dress whether for men or women is about tailoring and workmanship, fine fabrics and a perfect fit. The theme, “Posh oh my Gosh” calls for hats, fascinators, gloves and all things that remind us of an era gone by. A beautiful hat or fascinator will add pizzazz to your Durban July outfit; you will certainly stand out and look very Posh.

This Durban July will be all about well-coordinated outfits, perfect grooming and the headdress!

Start planning now for this special event, start looking for that perfect Durban July dress and assemble your impeccable race day outfit without the stress of last minute shopping. I cannot wait to see how everyone turns out in Posh attire this year. As always, the Durban July is synonymous with frivolity and we must remember that Durban July fashion requires us to have fun, in the wearing and in the selecting. At the Amanda Ferri showroom we want you to have fun and we want you to look beautifully stylish, so with our expert advice we will help you select the perfect dress.

Event related fashion challenges often bring over-the-top pieces from designers as one would expect for an event that is synonymous with race day fashion. “A strong misconception is that elaborate design is more interesting – sometimes less is more,” said Derrick Mhlongo, one of the judges.