Dressing to Hide Midsection

In the Greco-Roman era, women were known for wearing high-waist tunics held with a belt under the bust line and this is what the Empire waistline exemplifies. This widely worn style is flattering to all female body types and is favored among many women over the age of forty because it tends to hide the ‘sometimes annoying’ spread between the stomach and the hips.

Even if you only have a little ‘pooch’ in your abdomen, the Empire waist will be an excellent relief when you feel bloated. The style also makes you look much taller and your legs appear longer and leaner. On top of all that, you will ooze femininity. What could be better than that?

Now, what do you wear with the Empire waist style top:
Women over forty cannot go wrong with tights. It is the ideal complement to the Empire waist top. It is sufficiently long to cover your butt and loose enough to make the bottom appear skinny.

Women over forty will enjoy the flattering scoop or V-neckline of the Empire waist top. It elongates your neck and makes your bust line appear more attractive.
Wear a long necklace – it dresses up the Empire waist top and hangs loosely over the bust line; making for a much more chic and elegant look. Top that off with some dangling earrings and you will have heads turning.