Dress Up A Plain White T-Shirt

For a casual dinner with friends, wear your white t-shirt with a pair of dark jeans. You can choose either a skinny leg pant or one with a slight bell bottom. Strap on a pair of colorful high heels for a splash of personality. Add to that a blazer if you wish. For warmer nights out, skip the blazer and add a bright- colored scarf. Keep your jewelry simple. Maybe a stack of thin gold bangles or a pair of hoops, but not much more than that. The idea is not to hide the plain white t-shirt, but to enhance its simplicity.

Are you going out with that special guy tonight? Tuck your white t-shirt into a tea length floral skirt. Add to that a wide belt and a pair of nude heels to lengthen your legs. Pick up colors from the skirt with your jewelry. Try a bubble necklace for some eye-catching drama. Or a wide silver cuff and a thin chain for a simpler look. Wrap your hair into a loose bun on top of your head for an extra romantic look. Finish your look with a fashionable yet classic clutch. Nothing too flashy. You want his eyes on you, and not your accessories.

Sunday brunch dates with friends and family are a special time. You want to look nice but not overdressed. Wear your white shirt over a pair of denim crop pants and wedge heels. Accessorize with a pair of colorful dangling earrings. Skip the necklace for a fresh understated look, but carry a small clutch or handbag in a fun color to finish off your ensemble.

White t-shirts and jeans are wonderful for traveling. They are comfortable and you can step off the train or airplane looking like a million bucks if you accessorize correctly. Ditch the heels for some comfortable ballet flats. Keep your jewelry simple like a pair of stud earrings and a pendant. Keep a scarf handy to stay warm on the plane. Use a stylish yet functional tote large enough to carry your essentials like your wallet, passport, travel pillow, book or tablet, cell phone and charger.