Clean Leather Boots for Men

  • This should be a part of your routine whenever you need to clean any leather shoes. You need to first know the type of leather you are dealing with before getting a cleansing product for it. You can know this by just reading the tag or if you have the patience, put a little amount of cleaner on top of the leather and wait for it to sink in. If it does sink in then it’s unfinished and if it doesn’t then it’s finished leather.
  • Now that you have found out what type of leather boots for men you own, try to apply oil and polish them as often as possible. Boot oil fits unfinished leather more so just apply some by using old cloth. Use polish for finished footwear and apply some on the leather by using applicators. If you do not have an applicator, you can use an old piece of cloth. By polishing or oiling your boots, you prolong their lifespan and enhance their beauty.
  • Always try to remember that brushing off mud, dirt, dust and crusts should always be the first thing on your mind once you get home. Allowing these dusts and mud crusts to sit on your leather for a long period of time can actually damage it and shorten the lifespan of the leather. Carefully and gently scrape off every mud cake and use a soft brush to remove dirt and dust.
  • To remove stains from your leather boots for men, you may need soap solution by adding soap or liquid detergent in a dish of water and apply on your boot using a piece of cloth. Make sure to remove the soapy water and lather from the boots properly and completely. Don’t worry about the water as leather doesn’t get damaged easily by water. Just make sure to dry them properly, you can use dry wipes to dry them when you are done cleaning.