Driving Of The Hoover Boards

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Most hover boards are not designed for different body weights, but are specified for a maximum weight only. For example, in the c’t test of an e-board, it was 100 kilograms.

If the weight of the driver deviates significantly, the exact steering is difficult and can lead to unexpected accelerations or rolling movements. Too much weight can also put a heavy strain on the engine, causing it to run hot.

The “Smart Balance Wheel” or often called Best Hoverboards threw in the c’t test quite a few editors off the board. Blame was usually insufficient balancing capabilities, but sometimes also the abrupt stop of the e-board at low battery level. Without joint protectors what driving therefore taboo.

Even a discharged battery can have devastating consequences: In the c’t test, this almost switched empty e-board automatically and blocked the wheels – whereupon some drivers fell headlong on the nose.

In the instructions for use, the shutdown function was declared as a safety measure, it is a “protection mode” with low battery charge.

For uneven grounds, paved courtyards or bumpy roads, the E-Board are not suitable: Bumps such as lane markings or lowered curbs also bring experienced drivers out of step and it can lead to serious falls. Also wet is poison for most boards.

They are not properly sealed, which is why moisture from the roadway penetrates into the device and there in the long run provides rusty connections and in the worst case causes short circuits.

A true downpour or rides through puddles and water pools should be avoided as far as possible on German roads prohibited Hover boards you should not move in this country in public places.

According to the Highway Code you should not use e-boards on roads or sidewalks. In the UK, such a ban on driving on public roads applies.

The reason: Since e-boards are motorized and faster than 6 km / h drive, they are considered in Germany as a “motor vehicle”. For this one needs a permission in this country, and that is so far not before.