Lychee Bags

Work in style: Add a little spice to your work outfit with a groovy Lychee laptop bag. Lychee’s womens laptop bag Maddeline LBHBCP is made of durable fabric with a multicoloured trendy pattern and enough space to hold your laptop, important documents and mobile phone. Team it up with your office formals to add some spunk and attitude! If you like it simple and classy, go in for a sophisticated Lychee tote in pastel shades. Lychee’s women’s tote bag Patrica LBHBPU17GB is perfect for that formal understated style.

Out with pals: Paint the town red with bright hued Lychee handbags and sling bags with eye-catching patterns! Perk up your simple jeans and T-shirt look or with a funky black and white picture handbag or a multi-coloured sling bag with an attractive ikkat pattern from Lychee. For an effortless fashion statement, team up your simple white cotton summer dress with a trendy Lychee’s Pamela LBHBPU19G green sling bag with intricate detailing. A groovy satchel from Lychee is ideal if you’re looking for comfort and functionality. Throw Lychee’s satchel bag Amelie LBHBPU03BB in brown and beige over you and be comfortably stylish!

Out to dazzle: Out for a formal evening; to exude a refined charm, opt for a subtly embellished clutch bag from Lychee to go with your favourite LBD. If a fat Indian wedding is your destination, opt for a heavily yet tastefully embellished Lychee clutch bag. Team up your sexy chiffon or georgette sari or an elegant anarkali with Lychee’s intricately embroidered and beads encrusted ladies clutch LBBCSO5 in classy beige.

Bendy Necklace


As mentioned above, the twisting and the bending of the necklaces can be two inspiring ideas. Since it is flexible but also rigid, the bendy necklace remains in place, having a molded shaped appearance. These items can come as a unique and customized manner in which one can express his creative personality and attract the attention of other people. How could you miss such thing? Due to its bending and curving features, this type of necklace can also take the shape of a snake that crawls on your neck. And, of course, its name derives from here (snake necklace).

How to wear it?

The ideas are infinite. The necklace is suitable for an everyday look and with the help of the gold piece that bends, your Greece goddess look is not far from happening. There is also the silver choice that will make you look more like a business person that feels bold and confident.

Impossible to ignore

This type of jewelry is impossible to ignore because it has many of the characteristics that makes it unforgettable. Since it is bendy, it can offer the person wearing it thousands of possibilities and styles. This remains one of the decorations that can finally keep a woman satisfied because she will never get bored of it. Not to mention that a woman can save up big bucks because she will not have to shop for new jewelry daily.


We have arrived at the most interesting topic for ladies. Lucky for them, the bendy necklace can come in a wide collection of colors like copper, gold, silver, black or bronze. In addition to this, there are also various lengths or thicknesses which can generate multiple choices. The necklaces can also be combined in order to get a layered aspect. There are plenty of styles and possibilities that can be tested.


If you have decided to go and buy a necklace of this kind, remember that it has various names. You might want to search for it under the name of snake, flexible or bendy snake necklace. Just to be prepared and know what to buy!

Choose Sunglasses to Suit Face Shape

To achieve this, it is well-worth learning some basic guidelines that will help you to find the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape. You’ll save so much time and you’ll feel much more confident when it comes to making that final decision! After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of money on a pair of sunglasses, only to have that guilt-ridden feeling that you’ve made a mistake and then they just end up gathering dust. The right knowledge about style will help you to navigate these decisions like a pro!

Sunglasses will help you to create a chic look throughout the summer and beyond, but as with any truly successful image, it’s not just “what you wear” but “how you wear it” that counts! There’s no doubt that your sunglasses will always look more stylish when teamed with a healthy splash of inner-confidence and a smile that shines!

Learn how to choose flattering sunglasses with the confidence of a pro!

  • If you have a Round face shape (full cheeks, equal width and length, no defined angles), then this means you should ideally look for angular frames that help you to create definition in your features. If you choose frames that are wider than they are deep (like rectangular frames) you will notice a very flattering effect! You should try to avoid round frames, as they will over-emphasize your rounded features. You can experiment with some oversized styles, but avoid them if they are too round.
  • If you have a Heart shaped face (wide forehead but narrow jaw line and delicate chin), then this means you should ideally look for frames that add width to your cheeks, like Square, the iconic Wayfarer, or Aviators. You can also try Round styles for a classic and sophisticated look! Conversely, you should aim to avoid very large / oversized frames that add too much width to the top of your face.
  • If you have an Oval face shape (nicely balanced proportions, slightly longer than wide, narrower chin than forehead, quite high cheek bones) then you can choose from a great selection of frames! As a general rule, avoid anything that overpowers your features, but try lots of styles and don’t be afraid to experiment! The classic aviator style will never fall out of favor, so be sure to include a few pairs in your selection.
  • If you have a Square face shape (angular with a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin), then this means you should ideally look for Oval and Round frames that soften your features. While Round frames offer a fabulous vintage essence, all the top brands have revitalized their look with modern touches. It is advisable to avoid geometric and square styles that add emphasis to your angled features.

You can have a career helping people to make confident style choices!

Although there is so much inspiration to find online, there has also never been a time when we’ve been so spoilt for choice! Perhaps this is all the more reason for us to have an educated knowledge of the styles of clothes and accessories that suit us, as this will enable us to make confidence choices and wise investments when shopping.

A career in Style Coaching means that you can help people to enjoy a fabulous wardrobe and all the feel-good energy it can offer! What you wear can change your life!

Taking Care of Sandals to Last Longer

Support the soles

Walking for long periods can wear out the sole of the sandals. Therefore, they need reinforcement. You can have a cobbler fix a sole protector, which is a thin layer of preventive rubber. The rubber can help keep water from soaking through the sandals, making them slip-resistant while helping them to last longer. This way, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the sandals.

Address the spots

When the sandals receive stains, it is important to treat them immediately; suede sandals need to be handled with great caution. Water spots can be buffed out gently with a brush or suede stone as soon as the sandals receive stains to ensure the best opportunity of removing the stains. If you have leather sandals, salt stains have the capacity of permanently damaging the shoes. Therefore, it is important to treat the footwear quickly using a damp cloth.

Keep them in shape

To help keep the sandals in shape, you may consider stuffing them with papers. This is light of the fact that when a sweaty or wet sandal dries, it often curls. Therefore stuffed paper can help maintain the right shape, prevent the foot wear from losing shape, sagging and wrinkling- in the process extending their life span.

Savvy storage

If you have leather sandals, you should consider tucking then away in a closet with room temperature. However, too hot an area can shrink the leather. If the sandals are wet or damp, you should avoid putting them back in their boxes – this will cause odor, mildew and mold to form.

Switch the sandals

It is tempting to consider slipping the same sandals every day. However, sandals need a day off. Therefore, it is advisable to consider rotating different pairs of sandals. Like most of the footwear, sandals need some rest therefore; you should avoid wearing the same sandals three to four times a week. The sandals will last for longer when they are given time to rest.

Wear a Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina scarves are such an important staple in keeping warm during the fall Check out some of our suggestions on how to wear a cute colorful pashmina this fall so you will be on top of your fall fashion game this upcoming season. How do you wear your pashmina? Do you use any of the examples we have below or do you have your own way? Read on to see if these are some ideas you already knew about or learn a thing or two about wrapping scarves in different ways since there are so many different styles of scarves available then why not try them on differently.

  • Around your neck – Wrap the pashmina scarf around your neck. This doesn’t just look very stylish but also keeps your neck and chest very warm.
  • Traditional Shawl Style – Wrap the scarf in a traditional shawl way by wrapping it around your upper body. This is very traditional yet sophisticated, it keeps you warm. Perfect when you are wearing a dress to a party, or even when you are wearing pajamas and staying in on a cold night.
  • Drape it leaving both ends loose – This is a more casual style of wearing a pashmina scarf. Just take it behind your neck and leave the ends loose on both the sides up front.
  • One end in the front, one in the back – Leave one end loose in the front, and wrap around your neck and leave the other end loose towards the back. Again a very casual style but works with a lot of different types of outfits – with dresses, with pants when you are sitting in a cozy set up with friends on a friday night for a drink.

Colorful Sneakers

Sneakers have been worn with casual wear, like jeans, since Fonzie and his pals took to the streets. It’s still the same today. For comfort and fun, everyone pairs sneakers with jeans but now there are so many more options. Your sneakers can be as colorful and as vibrant as you are while still providing the protection and support your busy life needs. Whether you are working out, hitting the courts or hitting the mall, a pair of colorful sneakers can set you apart from the crowd and provide a lift for your spirits.

When it comes to picking colorful sneakers, we’re not just talking about solid colors anymore. If you can imagine a color combination or pattern, chances are someone else has already created it. Even the box stores are selling sneakers in camouflage patterns, bright neon and pastel patterns.

Adding some colorful sneakers to your footwear wardrobe doesn’t limit you to just the basic styles either. You can find casual sneakers as well as sport specific shoes in every imaginable color and design. High tops, mid tops and running shoes can step up your game, both on the field and off. There are no limits in the world of fabulous footwear.

Who’s wearing colorful sneakers? It isn’t just kids anymore. Certainly the bold designs of today’s footwear have a resounding appeal with youth, but adults are just as likely to slip their tootsies into some wild footwear fun. For those who have left their teens and twenties behind, fluorescent and neon versions hearken back to the 80s and can evoke a nostalgic feeling.

Your personality is the one thing you’ve got that sets you apart from the crowd. How you choose to express it should be as bold and vibrant as you are. Slipping into a pair of brightly colored sneakers can say more about you and your outlook on the world than you could tell someone in a twenty-minute conversation.

Urban Wear Flair

The hip hop community has largely influenced the trends that we see today and even high fashion designers have included the hip hop lifestyle into their collections. What is the signature look of hip hop fashions? In the early 2000, hip hop trends seemed to be constantly evolving. The use of extra baggy clothes continued to be the norm as well as the use of “bling”. Hip Hop artists’ heavy influence made top designer brands very popular during these years. Trends from the 80’s and 90’s once again emerged, making bright colors and other trends such as graphic print hoodies popular again.

Today’s modern trends in the hip hop culture include the use of snapback hats along with clothing that is created with a personal message or story behind the brand. Why is this clothing influential? It represents a deeper level of connection than just wearing the clothes because of the style. It shows a deep sense of cultural inspiration and understanding. Hip hop fashion will always be remembered as one of the most important elements of both old school and modern music.

No matter how much the fashion trends change over the years, urban clothing is always going to be an essential wardrobe staple item in the closets of fashion forward men and women. Urban fashion has gained so much popularity that even world-famous designers are incorporating hip hop inspired styles into some of their hottest and most desirable designs. It is hard to hit a high fashion retail store without seeing some kind of urban wear on the racks.

When it comes to urban fashion some of the hottest styles include loose-fitting jeans, flannel button down shirts, diamond necklaces, and high top sneakers. Not only are these fashions comfortable, but it is simple to create a fashion statement that will be sure to turn heads.

Wholesale urban wear distributors are great for store owners looking to create a steady source of income. These distributors allow buyers to purchase the hottest trends in fashion in bulk and unit ordering. The ability to purchase the clothes at bulk rates allows the price to be kept low and reasonable. Wholesale distributors offer all of the latest urban trends available on the market – they are sure to keep up with the changing trends and keep their stock updated and fresh. With the wide selection that wholesale distributors have to offer, it has never been easier for buyers to resell great pieces of fashion to their customers.

Spiked Accessories

Jewelry is the easiest way to incorporate this tough girl trend into your wardrobe, especially if you are just starting to experiment. Stack a few spiked bracelets with some jeweled bangles or wooden cuffs. Or try a necklace with delicate metal shards paired with a floral or lace top for a look that is sure to stand out. The contrast pairing a notoriously frilly fabric with the modern twist of metal adds a stunning dimension to any outfit. Designers have also paired pearls, crystals, and sparkling gemstones with porcupine quills and metal cones for fierce yet feminine rings and earrings.

This fad has also been seen on shoes. The femininity of high heels have been intercepted by the incorporation of metal studs. Varying in shape, size, and length, you have to be careful not to kick anyone while wearing these shoes. They are pretty useful for self defense, though. More casual footwear like sneakers, flats and sandals have also been infiltrated by this trend. It is best not to wear long skirts with these types of shoes as the fabric could get caught and trip you. And besides, the whole point of these attention getting shoes is for them to be seen, right? Short skirts, shorts and skinny jeans will look great.

Handbags and clutches seem to be the most spectacular looking when covered in tough hardware and decorated with these metal spikes. Whether jutting out from the sides or covered completely, the petite and sweet nature of clutches are juxtaposed by the toughness of this kind of decoration. When combined with a snakeskin or animal print fabric, it takes this purse to a whole new level. Envelope clutch purses are a good choice for more casual outfits while knuckleduster minaudieres studded in metal are great for nights out.

Hats To Wear to The Beach

You might think that a straw hat seems a bit farmer-like right? It’s not! This one is uber stylish, ever-so-chic and it looks great no matter what you are doing on the beach. The best part? If you get a wide-rimmed hat like this, you won’t ever have to worry about shielding your eyes, because this one will do it for you!

Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

Vintage is very in right now and finding the right vintage hat for you is very important. Take a look at this hourglass vintage at for the summer months! They remind me of synchronized swimming and times when candy was just five cents instead of a the dollar it is now! This hat will bring you back to times when it was carefree and it’ll keep you totally protected from the sun!

Finally, the last super stylish and fashionable hat that we’re going to go over is the fedora! This hat is uber chic and ever-so-fashionable for the beach! It’s a hat for the guys-girl, a hat for a girl that wants to put something on to look cool, but also to keep the fashion in mind. No matter what design you tie around this hat, it’ll match any outfit at all!

Your head needs to be sheltered in the hot sun and you can find something to put on your head that is so much fun to wear and they can really enhance the beauty of your swimsuit! So, have you ladies ever coordinated a beach hat with your swimsuit? Have you ever gone to the beach with a super fashionable beach hat? Would you? Try any of these above or let me know your faves!

Wearing Chiffon Accessories

The elegant drape and flow of this material flatters all shapes and sizes, which make it a perfect choice for dresses. Because of the sheer nature of this cloth, make sure your undergarments match your skin tone. In addition, a slip the same color as your dress is recommended for extra coverage. If you cannot find a slip in the same shade, choose a white, ivory or nude colored slip. Accessorize with sleek and simple jewelry such as hoop earrings, gemstone studs or a simple chain and pendant.

Chiffon blouses are very versatile. For a casual daytime look for summer, wear a sleeveless blouse untucked over patterned jeans or leggings. Wear a crop top the same color as your blouse underneath it for a sexy look without exposing yourself. Wear sandals or flats for daytime, but you can easily take this look into night by changing into heels and wearing a statement collar necklace for some sparkle. Or, you can even wear a long sleeved pink blouse over black leather shorts, black heels and a gold clutch bag for a night at the club. A cute look for fall is to wear the same long sleeved top untucked over cut off denim shorts, black tights and brown oxfords. Finish with a cute bucket hat or fedora.

Skirts of this material can be dressed up or down. A bright yellow knee length skirt worn with yellow espadrilles and a sleeveless graphic tee for a funky look. For a more formal occasion, try an ivory halter worn over a maxi skirt, ankle strap heels and a glittering clutch. For shopping or coffee dates with friends, above the knee skirts look cute with striped tops, flats and a sleek satchel to hold everything you need!

Scarves made of this fabric are extremely versatile. Use smaller ones to tie your hair up, or wear it like a headband. Tie it around your neck for a cute kerchief look. Longer and thinner ones can be used for belts, while wider scarves can be draped around your shoulders or manipulated into hoods or neckwarmers with a quick twist!