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Wear Vintage Sunglasses

How to treat vintage sunglasses as every day wear

Vintage glasses made of plastic without much embellishment can be worn every day when you go out for errands, going to the grocery or going out for afternoon coffee or tea with friends. This is the recommended one because you can just fold it up and place in your bag without fear of the lens or frame breaking down. The key thing to be aware of in these cases is that if you are choosing from your vintage collection of things you can wear every day, you should opt for glasses made of sturdy, yet more affordable materials.

What vintage sunglasses to wear on special occasions

Glasses with embellishments can be worn during these moments. Special occasions call for something sparkly and shiny. The embellishments and special designs on the frames of the glasses are best shown off during these occasions. During these kinds of occasions, you would not have to worry about putting it away as you would be wearing it the whole time. Of course, if you are indoors, you may need to put your vintage glasses in a clutch bag for the ladies, and for gentlemen, you can hang your cool shades on your short or keep it safe inside your jacket.


Pool parties are another occasion where you can show off your vintage glasses. When the sun is out and you want some time sun bathing, you can definitely fish out your vintage sunglasses and pair it up with some vintage swimwear. Of course, you will also need to put it away to somewhere dry when you’re ready to jump into the pool.

Choosing Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are not the same as ordinary sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have special lenses that help with that annoying glare that we are confronted with on a daily basis when we go outside. Often times when we are outside, we can look at things that create a glare. From water, to asphalt, to sand, and even additional vehicles that are in front of us on the road, there is glare. Glare can be an annoying thing to deal with but when it comes to driving, dealing with glare can result in potential car accidents. Although not all accidents are entirely avoidable, accidents that are a result of glare can be avoided by purchasing a pair of polarized sunglasses that are specifically designed to combat glare.

Another great benefit that is associated with polarized sunglasses is that they help with clarity. The lenses on these glasses help the wearer to see details and colors better along with helping with the glare. To test the difference that polarized glasses have with respect to clarity, look at an object with basic sunglasses on and then with your polarized glasses. The details that you will be able to see will be readily apparent.

Polarized sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses option for those individuals that spend a lot of time outside in the sun for working or pleasure, or spend a lot of time driving. They not only help the individual wearing the glasses protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun but they also help with the glare that we are confronted with on a daily basis. Polarized sunglasses also help see things much clearer than traditional sunglasses. If you are outside often, or drive a lot, then you need to pick up a pair of polarized sunglasses. They may be a bit more expensive but the additional money is worth the additional expense.

Wear A Tube Scarf

  • As a neck warmer – Depending on the length and width of the scarf, you can hang the scarf on your neck and loop it twice or three times for a look that is both stylish and warm.
  • As a hood – For colder days, loop the scarf three times around your neck (just like before) but take one of the loops and pull it from the back to the front over your head like a hood. You may choose not to loop but to wear it around your neck then pull it over your head for looser hood.
  • As a shoulder wrap – Loop the scarf twice around your neck and then pull the layers out to spread on your shoulder. Add a brooch or glittering pin for some added pizzazz.
  • Bolero style – Insert your left arm through one end, wrap the scarf around your back and insert your right arm through the other. Wear it gathered on your shoulders for a vest style.
  • Halter – Step into the scarf, twist it once then put your head through the resulting loop. This look is especially attractive paired with jeans or a long flowered skirt.
  • Simplicity – You can just wear the scarf draped loose around your neck for a simple yet stylish look that pairs well with shorts and boots. Take it one step further and keep the cowl in front with the rest of it draping over your shoulders like a shift.


Summer Shoes


Bold and bright is the tone for this summer season’s shoes. From candy shades to colors that are bold and proud; colours that will speak to us from the feet of any shoe fashion-conscious person this summer. These brightly coloured shoes will be found in a wide variety of designs and heights. These shoes will be the first thing people will notice when you walk into a room and they’ll certainly make you stand out in a group of people!


This summer has seen some designers taking the Gladiator design up a notch with various examples that go from boots to flats and heels. The Gladiator design gives you a dramatic look, and with buckles, the look is bold and brassy summer chic.


The new laser-cut summer shoe style has arrived in both low-cut boot and shoe styles that will keep your feet cool. Your feet will not only be comfortable but attractive and stylish too. These shoes will complete your stylish outfit and after a long day, your feet won’t be hot and tired, but cool, relaxed and comfortable.


Brightening up the summer wardrobe even more is the fashionable “metallic” shoe which will give any outfit more style with bling or without bling and comes in a wide range of bright colors too. These shoes will bring your summer wardrobe even more pizzazz than any previous summer style. It will be difficult for designers to come up with something to beat the summer-design “metallic” shoe look when fall comes around.


Any true style-aficionado will not be without printed platforms in their wardrobe this summer. Coming out in bright, vivid colors and floral prints too, these are a definite summer wardrobe “must have” item. The “Mani” is a definite with the open toe style, as all eyes are drawn to the animal, leopard or snake print incorporated into the design.

Accessorize Lace

Dresses made of lace are extremely beautiful and detailed. Try a belt with or without buckles to draw interest to the waist. Keep your jewelry simple. Small stud earrings or a small dangling pair will look nice with this type of dress. Pendant necklaces or chokers are a good choice as well. You do not want to carry a large purse when wearing a lace dress because it will make you look old. Instead, carry a cute clutch in a soft color or with a quilted pattern.

Depending on how intricate the weave is, a lacey top can either dressed up or down. Smaller, more delicate tops can be worn with a pencil skirt and heels for a sophisticated look. Again, keep the jewelry simple. Chunkier crocheted or tatted blouses can be paired with more casual jeans or denim skirts. You can be more adventurous with your jewelry here. Try a chunky pendant, or waterfall chain necklace for a funkier look.

Leggings are also a popular clothing item made from this beautiful material. Because of their see-through nature, these are perfect for layering under shorts and miniskirts. Wear a slouchy boot and a soft white t-shirt for some textural contrast with the lace. Stack some colorful bangles on your arms and finish your look with a brightly hued scarf.

Lace skirts are a lovely item to add to your wardrobe. Opt for a knee-length skirt for added versatility. Contrast the femininity of the fabric with a cut off t-shirt, wide belt and some sexy heels. Carry a slouchy handbag and finish off your outfit with a colorful statement necklace.

Fashionable Sunglasses

The great thing about fashionable sunglasses is that because people have such varied tastes and interests, there are and endless number of styles available that will suit anyone. There are fashionable sunglasses that are available in bright colors, exotic designs, and made from a plethora of different materials. If your interest lies in a pair of fashionable sunglasses that feature accents, or rhinestones, then you will find a pair of sunglasses available that suits your tastes.

For people that love to look like their favorite celebrity, you can find the same, or a generic remake of the same sunglasses they wear. One of the biggest trends in fashionable sunglasses with celebrities for a number of years was the sunglasses with the very large lenses. If you prefer a more understated and simple type of sunglasses there are a number of simple designs that are available for purchase.

When it comes to fashionable sunglasses, because everyone should wear sunglasses, designers have created options to fit all budgets. Sunglasses have also been created for everyone, men, women, and children. Even children need to have a pair of sunglasses when they go outside to protect their eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Without a pair of sunglasses on when going outside, people can suffer from the glare that we all encounter every day when we are working, or playing outside. The glare from water, asphalt, or even the glare from the car in front of us can cause more than just an irritation. In the case of a car, glare can cause you to get into an accident with another vehicle.

With the wearing of sunglasses important for so many different reasons, it is important that everyone, no matter how young or how old, find a pair of fashionable sunglasses to wear that will suit their unique style tastes and needs. The great thing about sunglasses is that because everyone wears them, finding a pair that will suit your budget will be simple.

Choose The Right Bridal Tiara

Wedding Headband: The choice of brides looking for a delicate headpiece is definitely the bridal headband. This classic piece is worn vertically behind the ears of the bride. Often decorated with intricate detail and pearls or gem stones, you can also find versions that derive their elegance from their simplicity. Whether you wear your hair up or down, you can find a headband that will suit your needs.

Double Headband: A more accented version of the standard wedding headband will appeal to traditional and modern brides. With its double stacked metal bands with optional bling can be worn just as a standard headband or worn at a more forward angle just as you would wear a tiara.

Bridal V-Band Headpiece: The V-band should be worn low on the brow of the bride at a horizontal angel. This look is hot right now with the vintage brides and will lend a sophisticated touch to any bride. Whether you get a single or double band it is worn the same and will definitely make a statement.

Wedding Bun Ring: While not a tiara in the strict definition, this headpiece is a very popular choice for brides of all styles. Made for an up do, slide the bun ring on after you put your hair up in a bun. Coming in many styles you are sure to find a bun ring that will finish up your wedding day look.

The Tiara: Channeling your inner princess, a tiara will give a bride a royal and regal look. Tiaras range from the small and dainty to the extravagant with large jewels and gems. Tiaras can stand alone or can be combined with a long veil.

Choosing Your Headpiece: When choosing your bridal headpiece you should consider a few factors first. Depending on the shape of your face, some headpieces will be a better fit than others. So if you have a round face you should definitely go with a tiara with a high point. Women with a longer face should instead aim for sporting a more light and dainty headpiece. If you are a bride with an oval face the bun ring, single or double headband, or the V-band is the way to go. You should also make your headpiece decision with your hair color in mind. Our blonde brides will find white gold and sterling silver headpieces are the way to go while red and brown haired brides should consider gold, ivory, or other metal shaded pieces. Brides sporting a trendy short hairstyle should stay away from larger sized tiaras. And Don’t forget to think about if you are going to choose to wear a veil.

Functions Of A Tote Bag

Totes, at their basic definition, are open bags with a handle or strap. The most common version is made of canvas. Sturdy and durable, they are usually built for running errands, shopping, or carrying many items. People who like to “live green” use these bags to carry groceries. Canvas versions are usually machine washable, and can last for a very long time. Beach goers use these to carry essentials when visiting the shoreline. Towels, lunch, sunscreen and a spare set of clothes can all fit in one bag, if you pick the right one.

Women with young children often utilize the tote bag to keep organized and prepared while out with the kids. Diapers, bottles, toys, blankets, and wipes can all fit inside a large tote. Parents with older children can keep a wallet, tablet, snacks and a few toys in one of these bags.

These purses can also be used for school. Textbooks are now available on tablets and e-readers which make carrying a whole course load of books very easy. Your laptop, lunch and gym clothes can all fit inside a medium sized carry all. Female students can even keep a small clutch or zip pouch inside a larger bag filled with necessities.

Fashionistas have also converted this basic accessory into a functional fashion statement. By reducing the size and increasing the quality of the materials, these purses have been elevated from their status as an “errand bag.” Made of leather and often embellished with fancy gold or silver hardware, these variations are carried on the crook of the arm rather than on the shoulder. Some styles may even come with a closure or zipper to make sure that your items stay where they are supposed to. Chic and lightweight, these types of totes are built only to carry a wallet, tablet, keys, and cell phone. But in today’s world, this is all you need.

Find Winter Hat

Ski hats have remained a firm favourite when it comes to a winter hat. These hats automatically offer that warm feeling, they look cosy and can complement a work or casual outfit. Combined with a coat, gloves and scarf, the ski hats can be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

When looking at ski hats, you need to ensure they work with your facial shape. In a majority of cases those with longer faces will enjoy these hats and how they look than those with round or heart shaped faces.

Another top choice when it comes to a winter hat is beanies. Beanies have been around for so long and are unisex, in that both men and women wear these hats. The beanie is a more casual style that can be worn with jeans, a puffer jacket, gloves and scarf. The beanie is often worn on colder days to keep the head and ears warm. These hats suit those with a heart shaped face and can look out of place with a longer face.

The only way to be sure is to try the hat on in a store, ensure you like how it looks and then shop around for a quality winter hat at the best price.

Trapper hats have grown in popularity as winters continue to get colder. Trapper hats look like a winter hat and have wings on both sides which comes down to cover the ears.

Trapper hats come in a choice of materials from woollen hats to fur styled hats, they are easily incorporated into a casual wardrobe and suit any face shape.

Looking at flat caps is a good choice for anyone with a rounder shaped face. Flat caps are stylish and sophisticated and can be worn for work or casual. They look good with a military styled coat or a pair of jeans and big jacket. Available in a choice of colours, these hats are a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

The Peruvian styled hats are very casual, but a top choice for anyone looking for a good quality winter hat. These hats are often woollen with a fun and colourful pattern, the hat comes down with two wings, one covering each ear. The Peruvian styled winter hat is ideal for any face shape and can complement a casual wardrobe on a cold winter’s day.

The beret has been a popular choice for many years. The beret oozes sophistication, elegance and style. The beret can be worn when heading to work or heading out with friends for an afternoon. While the beret doesn’t cover the ears, they give that warm look to any outfit.

The advantage to the beret is that they are the perfect winter hat choice for any face shape, blending into your wardrobe with ease and suitable for as both casual and smart wear.

Not everyone finds comfort in wearing a hat. In some cases no matter what face shape you have, a hat never quite looks right on your head. Even though you can’t wear a hat, you still need to stay warm, which is why ear muffs remain a popular choice during the winter months.

Ear muffs can keep your ears warm, protecting them from the icy wind without worrying how you look with a hat on.

Gucci Men’s Belts

The signature Gucci Blue and White Web Belt is a favored Gucci product. It features blue/white/blue stripes with a gold-brushed, brass buckle sporting an engraved Gucci design. Authenticity cards and original dust cover are included. This belt is made in Italy. Sizes: 36 inches and 38 inches. Strap width: 3″W.

The Gucci Designer Black Leather Belt with G shaped, slide buckle in hammered silver is unique. It features an eye-catching, large initial “G” on the buckle front. Authenticity cards and original dust cover are included. This belt is made in Italy. Size: 38 inches

The Gucci Men’s Designer Leather Slider Belt, in rich brown leather, has a slide style buckle. The Gucci trademark is embossed on the leather buckle front and edged with distressed silver-colored hardware. This casual belt is perfect with jeans and a T-shirt or khakis and a button down. The belt is made in Italy. Size: 40 inches.

The Gucci Designer D Ring Leather Belt is crafted from brown, pebble leather. The belt is hand stitched. The classic, large D-ring belt buckle makes this finely crafted belt one that would look smart paired with any casual slacks. This belt is made in Italy. Size: 34 inches.

The Gucci Black Leather Belt is stylish simplicity. The modern, masculine lines of the understated, gold-hardware buckle makes this Gucci belt the perfect go-to, tasteful piece for any wardrobe. The belt is made in Italy. Sizes: 36 inches and 42 inches.

The Gucci Designer Brown Leather Belt with rectangular buckle in gold-tone and black enamel is a striking accessory. The Gucci logo is imprinted on the enamel coated buckle. It is a classic piece that can be dressed up with a suit or dressed down with a pair of denim jeans. The belt is made in Italy. Size: 38 inches.

Elegant is the proper term for the Gucci Men’s Designer Dress Belt in beautiful, black, pebbled leather. The fashionable buckle is black enamel on silver-tone hardware. A small Gucci logo is imprinted on the buckle. This wardrobe staple works with a range of styles: with a business suit, with casual jeans, or with any in-between slacks. Its versatility makes it a terrific travel accessory. The belt is made in Italy. Size: 38 inches.

The Gucci Designer Dress Belt in fabulous, dark brown, patent leather with a gold-tone, rectangle buckle is the perfect finish for the well dressed man. This belt is made in Italy. Size: 40 inches

The buckle design on the Gucci Crest Emblem Designer Leather Belt is artwork! The gold-tone hardware with chevron cut-outs and the Gucci crest emblem detail embossed on the buckle is stunning. It is made in black or brown leather. The belt is made in Italy. Sizes: 38 inches, 40 inches and 44 inches.