Bold Ruffles

  • Dramatic Ruffles
    From fluttery sheer tops to sexy short dresses, women are falling in love with bold ruffles. These ladylike attires will give spring a much needed spunk from the cold winter months. The reason why most women love bold ruffles is because of how it frames the facial features and shapes the hips. In previous spring seasons, we have seen ruffles, but there is something different about this year. Last spring, ruffles were stiff, floppier and grim looking, but now we seeing a more contemporary; showing off feminine features.

If you have not yet bought or have in your closet – a peplum top with ruffled bottom, you should go out and purchase one to add to your spring fashion collection. This piece will be trendy for years to come. It is not surprising why designers are pushing this piece as one of the hottest trend because it is. Ruffles are the ideal way to spruce up a bland bottom or top. Ruffles are going to be bold and big; no holding back. Although feminine, ruffles are going to be very theatrical and dominant this spring.

Ruffles are for women and girls who don’t mind feeling pretty, chic, fashionable and trendy; transforming you into a runway model because you will get the attention you deserve.

  • How to Dress in Ruffles
    When wearing ruffles, you don’t need any jewelry or accessories. They already make a statement. If your ruffles are snaked around your neck or flowing down your shoulder, it is advisable to don a sleek pulled-back hairstyle so that your ruffled attire get all of the attention. Wear non-matching colored pumps or sandals to complement your ruffled dress, top or bottom.

Ruffles combined with a color block effect tend to be fashion forward and makes you look young. It also enhances your appearance to make a stylish statement compared to what could have turned out to be just plain and boring.

Wear a pair of pants that make your hips look balanced; cropped pants are ideal or a cute straight skirt. Your ruffled top will do the rest. Ruffles hide the stomach area and flatter the rest of your body. Of course, some body types have to be aware of what type of ruffled garments to wear. You have to make sure the ruffles camouflage the areas that you are trying to hide and emphasize the body parts that you want to highlight.

Asymmetrical ruffled peplum attire provide flair, punch and fashion edginess; no matter what the color. It is also fashion forward and will turn heads. If you want to stay modern, trendy and fashionable, try ruffles this spring.