About Purses

Purses are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Hobo bags, bucket bags, satchels, envelope or clutch purses, and shoulder bags of some of the more favored choices. A shoulder bag is available in a lot of styles and likely to include a long strap for convenience in carrying the bag, and making sure the hands can be kept free. An envelope or clutch bag is likely to resemble an elegant, compact sized wallet and more likely to be used for the special occasion. And they might include a shoulder strap. A satchel is likely to closely resemble a mini-duffel bag with its short handles which are ideal for looping over the arm. A hobo bag is similar to the satchels, but more likely to include a single strap.

Characteristics of the purses

Many of the purses can vary quite significantly in relation to the closure types, such as the buckles, drawstring, snaps, and zippers. Some might even include faux closures, like the buttons or buckles, which are essentially there for the decorative purpose. A further quality feature found on many of the purses is the organization pockets, which are likely to feature on the inside or outside of the purse for complete ease in separating the items. They are also likely to come in a range of fabric styles and colors.

Many sizes of the purse

A purse varies in size from those that are a mini-sized coin purse to the slightly larger sized bags which are wallets with an attached strap to the larger tote and shoulder bags, which are able to carry most of the day-to-day necessities for the office or school. A desired size is highly dependent on the amount of items that need to be carried, and the look that is hoping to be achieved. A small-sized clutch style purse for the special occasion might measure in the region of 9 inches in length by 5 inches in height, whereas the larger purses might measure more than 12 inches tall and wide.