About Knuckle Duster Clutch Purses

Clutch purses with these popular rings are very practical, edgy and stylish. This bag is a statement piece all by itself. In addition to being a popular fashion trend, there is some sensibility to it. The rings allow the purse to be clutched more securely, especially if you have had one too many drinks. The way this bag is built, you have a more secure grip on your belongings. Fashion designers all over the world have incorporated this trend, decorating the handle with crystals, flowers, stones, metal embellishments, pearls, rhinestones, lace, filigree and more! These elaborately decorated handles paired with materials such as snakeskin, velvet, metal, silk, satin, ostrich, and leather have left us with a plethora of designs, styles, and colors to choose from! A woman could fill her closet with her knuckle duster purse collection alone!

Other uses for knuckle rings are attached to phone cases. These are very useful, especially for security purposes. It is harder for a would be thief to grab the phone out of your hand when it is hooked around your fingers. These cases come in many colors and materials such as plastic, silicone and metal. Like the purses, the handles are also able to be elaborately decorated with sparkling accoutrements or left plain for those with more subtle taste.

Jewelry is also another way this trend is incorporated. Sometimes a slab of metal is placed across the rings facing out and decorated, engraved with a name, encrusted in jewels, or colored with enamel. Anything can be placed across the rings. There have been tiny sculptures, floral patterns, crosses, gemstones and three dimensional letters placed on this accessory.