Avoiding Bad Fashion for Men

When enough people copy it, it becomes a fashion trend. After too many people copy it, it is not longer fashionable. This is why it is all bad fashion. It is only a matter of timing when good fashion turns to bad. Fashion spoils the same as cheese. But some cheeses taste better when they are aged and left on the shelf for many years. These are the same with some fashions, they get better with age. Of course they are still spoiled by too many people liking them, but they transcend to becoming “classic fashion” just like a very ripe 10-year-old aged cheese.

If this seems too cheesy, then consider fine red wine. How is it possible that the older it gets the better it gets? Wine never goes out of fashion, because they can just bury it in a cellar for the next hundred years and when they pull it out once again, it will be a marvel. Some fashion ages like wine, but not all of it. The vast majority is bad fashion, which is only as good as a bunch of bananas that will soon be rotten and need to be replaced. The fashion that lasts is the classic fashion and it is hundreds of years old. Just like the fine wine, the classic black and white tuxedo is even better than the first day it was invented. But this is the minority.

If the majority of fashion is bad fashion, then how does one know whether to invest in fashion or not? The truth is you cannot invest in fashion, you can only get ripped off by fashion, unless you are a pompous designer that puts their name on everything and sells their name as the investment. That is the height of fashion. Take a $5 baseball cap, that you have made in China for 27 cents and put your designer label on it then charge $200 for it and have all the kids in high school trying to find $200 to buy it because it is the fashion.

It is bad fashion, but almost all fashion is bad fashion. Put that same $200 baseball hat on some dilettante head that is famous only for being famous, like the hotel chain girl or the K-girls and then get a photo of them wearing it, get them to sign it, and then you can sell it on eBay for $2,000. That is the height of bad fashion. Still all the guys want to be with these girls. This means that bad fashion is good.

Choose Summer Bedding

  • A quilt is a combination of different layers stuffed with cotton or fiber. The layers are stitched in such a way the stuffed material will remain intact with the stitched pattern. Quilts help to retain the temperature and offer warmth to the user. But are not advised for summer bedding. Wool Cotton Quilts are light and breathable. So, choose Wool Cotton Quilts over normal Quilts for the summer.
  • A Blanket is a single layered bed covering, unlike quilts. It is relatively lighter than a quilt and also provides warmth to the user.
  • A Duvet is a Bedspread which is filled with feathers or wool. These are generally used with covers to reduce the maintenance. It is recommended for winter months.
  • Comforters are similar to Quilts in most aspects. The differences between the quilt and the comforter are the fabric, the Patterns, the stuffing material. Comforters are stuffed with polyester material. So they are light.
  • A Bed sheet is a simple spreadsheet over the bed. It is lighter than all other bedding material. It has nothing to do with the temperature control.

While choosing the bedding material, consider the following points.

The color of the bedding 

It is apparent that Light colors reflect the heat, unlike the dark colors. So choose a Light colored bedding for the summer. Dark colored sheets trap the heat and cause inconvenience to you during the nighttime. White or Beige Colors are the best choice, though they require a bit of maintenance.

Natural or Artificial Quilt Covers 

Cotton fibers are second to none in terms of comfort it offers in the summer. Natural materials like Linen or Cotton has many advantages than the synthetic fibers like polyester. Natural fibers are light in weight and they are breathable materials. So, they bring you comfort as well as peaceful sleep. Artificial Fibers are affordable and light in weight but are not suitable for summer.

Thread Count 

The density of the fabric influences the design, embroidery, durability, and the pattern. If the thread count is more, then it gives a scope for the designer to weave a plush pattern on the bedding material. If the bedding is too dense and the thread count is higher, it affects the breathing ability of the fabric. So, it is recommended to use the bedding with a mid-range thread count.

Cotton Vs Linen

When it comes to natural fibers, many people got stuck at the crossroads of Linen and Cotton.

    • Linen is made from the stalk of the Flax plant. It is stronger than cotton fiber. It has a high moisture absorbing capacity and eco-friendly. It has a high breathing capacity, which allows the air to circulate. Structurally, it is stronger and will not deform. It is also hypoallergenic which makes it the best choice for baby bedding. Linen is also referred as nature’s wicker.
    • Cotton material is having a higher thread count than Linen. So it affects breathing. But it is soft to touch and resilient. You can also look for a Cotton Fabric which is blended with a Linen. It offers the advantages of both fabrics. The Bedroom Decor is incomplete without a proper bedding

Swimsuit Styles

Two Pieced Suits

The two pieced swimsuit has only been around for about 70 years. What started as modest suits, over the years they have been re-designed. The Bikini was introduced in France in 1946 to scandalous reviews. Since then the bikini has developed several styles of their own including:

  • String Bikini. This is two pieces of material cut into triangle shapes and connected with 3 strings to cover the chest. The bottom has two triangles have strings on the hips and connect in the crotch area.
  • Classic Bikini. This is the style that was seen in the 60’s and 70’s. Featuring a top and a bottom, the bikini top is fashioned after a bra.


This suit can be either a one or two piece swimsuit. Bandeau refers to the fact that a strip of material is pleated and gathered at the middle. Often seen as strip bikinis, the removable straps can be attached in a wide variety of styles.

Racer Back

This term was applied because it was first used in the Olympics. Allowing for the free movement of your arms, these have become increasingly popular with the general public as well as competitive swimmers.


This is the original one-piece swimsuit. They feature tank straps and a scoop neck. The thighs can be cut low or high. The high cut one-piece are often seen during the swimsuit portion of a beauty pageant.

Swim Dress

This one piece suit is a design favorite of pregnant and plus sized women. Featuring a built in skirt on the bottom, it provides more coverage for the tummy, thighs, butt and hips than the standard one piece suit.

Swimwear for All Sizes


Form-fitting one-piece suits are the most flattering for plus sized women. It allows you to show off your figure, rather than hide it behind excess material. Tankini suits do well in covering you up but they tend to move around too much and bunch in all the wrong places. Small patterns also work well with larger figures, as do angled stripes because they accentuate the waist line, drawing it in.


Cutesy patterns work best to soften your straight figure. If you’re not too into patterns, try something with some fun feminine colors, like a bright red or pink. Draw attention to the lower half of your body; try skimpy bottoms or bows and ruffles. If you’re smaller in the chest area, look for a top with padding in a halter style. Halters help to push things in the right direction, and with the help of a little padding, you’re bound to give your body some shape.

Top Heavy

Halters are a great design for bigger breasts. They offer lift and support without a lot of bells and whistles. Though if you do want to go the route of bells and whistles, thin padding is an important feature to look for and so is wired cups. In fact, any swimsuit top that’s available in your bra size is worth trying out.


Smaller frames need careful consideration, if you don’t want to look shorter than you already are. Wearing higher cut bottoms will elongate your legs and zig zag patterns on the top will give the illusion of an elongated torso. Many petite women have great difficulty in finding a swim suit that fits them properly. A string bikini allows you the freedom to make your own adjustments according to your size and how you see fit.

Tummy Control

There are many swimsuit designs that help to conceal a bulging belly. Side ruching in a long top or one piece, extends the torso and distracts the eye by creating a rippling texture. Small patterns like polka dots can also help to draw the eye away from your stomach. Even certain two piece styles will work well with bigger tummies. Consider a bottom with a fold-over waist band to even out any bumps.

About Purses

Purses are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Hobo bags, bucket bags, satchels, envelope or clutch purses, and shoulder bags of some of the more favored choices. A shoulder bag is available in a lot of styles and likely to include a long strap for convenience in carrying the bag, and making sure the hands can be kept free. An envelope or clutch bag is likely to resemble an elegant, compact sized wallet and more likely to be used for the special occasion. And they might include a shoulder strap. A satchel is likely to closely resemble a mini-duffel bag with its short handles which are ideal for looping over the arm. A hobo bag is similar to the satchels, but more likely to include a single strap.

Characteristics of the purses

Many of the purses can vary quite significantly in relation to the closure types, such as the buckles, drawstring, snaps, and zippers. Some might even include faux closures, like the buttons or buckles, which are essentially there for the decorative purpose. A further quality feature found on many of the purses is the organization pockets, which are likely to feature on the inside or outside of the purse for complete ease in separating the items. They are also likely to come in a range of fabric styles and colors.

Many sizes of the purse

A purse varies in size from those that are a mini-sized coin purse to the slightly larger sized bags which are wallets with an attached strap to the larger tote and shoulder bags, which are able to carry most of the day-to-day necessities for the office or school. A desired size is highly dependent on the amount of items that need to be carried, and the look that is hoping to be achieved. A small-sized clutch style purse for the special occasion might measure in the region of 9 inches in length by 5 inches in height, whereas the larger purses might measure more than 12 inches tall and wide.

Wear Leg Warmers Fashionably

Sportswear has always been a big trend in fashion and needless to say, this garments are making a comeback. Some people turn away from them because they think they are too outdated or unfashionable. Others do not even bother buying them because they have a difficulty in finding clothes to wear them with. Leg warmers are actually easy to mix and match with the current items in your wardrobe. They are stylish closet additions and help complete your outfit.

For a casual vibe, loose tanks and over-sized blouses are wonderful to put on with this type of leg wear. Try opting for solid-colored garments in gray, black, brown and navy because they will go with most of the items in your closet and are great for everyday use. Stay away from leg wear garments in bright, neon colors as they are reminiscent of the 80’s and are not attractive to look at.

Alternatively, dressy pieces such as embellished tops or textured skirts work well with leg warmers as well. They are great to wear because they inject just the right amount of elegance and sophistication into your ensemble.

Leg warmers look terrific with denim jeans. Choose skinny or slim-fit jeans and remember to keep away from baggy pairs. A tapered leg looks more fantastic with leg warmers than loose ones. Also keep in mind to stick with simple jean styles and avoid ripped or tattered denim.

Short dresses look amazing when worn over tights and garments for legs. Tone down a printed dress with basic leg warmers. On the other hand, striped leg warmers can easily spruce up plain dresses.

Leg warmers are also great to wear during the winter season. You can layer them with leggings for added warmth. Top off your outfit with a trench coat, a cozy scarf and leather gloves.

To avoid looking too casual, make sure you incorporate statement accessories into your outfit. You can add a fabulous bib necklace, a pair of chandelier earrings or perhaps a nice cocktail ring into your look. When accessorizing, be careful not to overdo it. Always remember that less is more.

Style Tips For Handbags

The most important thing to consider when matching a bag to your outfit is size. A large bag is very casual and should only be worn so. One piece of clothing should be loose to compliment the size of the bag. A loose top or a skirt really help the bag flow with what you are wearing. Small bags with a shoulder strap are great to be matched with a sun dress or jeans with a snug top. This type of purse is the easiest to wear and is usually moderately priced by most designers. Large bags get expensive very easily, so don’t blow money on a lot of large bags. A clutch is a very versatile purse especially if it is black. Clutches can be matched with anything from a dress to an evening gown. Very dressy handbags will usually have sequins on them and they should only be matched with upscale evening wear.

Great brands to invest in are the top designers that have been around for a while. They usually have a classic line that stays in style for many years. Classic designs by Gucci and Louis Vuitton usually compliment a variety of outfits and you will get your money’s worth out of them. You can update classic styled handbags with flower pins or simply tie a scarf onto the strap. A good way to find out what the latest trends are is to shop around and see what designers are adding to their most recent bags.