Become a Fashion Blogger

  • Do Not Focus Solely on Earning Money: Like most of the other bloggers, fashion bloggers are also allowed to make money through proper marketing of their blogs. But, earning money should not be the sole purpose of the blog. A number of fashion blogs these days are interested in generating revenue through advertisements of different fashion brands. This makes it way too difficult to build a heart to heart connection with the readers.
  • Invite The Reader to Your Fashion World: People do not visit a fashion blog just to check out what clothes the bloggers are wearing. They want to have a complete fashionable experience by receiving knowledge about what they should wear and why. Moreover, the visitors would like to get into the complete runway fashion experience or would love to imagine themselves to be in the part of the world that a particular trend of fashion belongs to. This is the best way to gift the ordinary blog readers with a nice “almost” fashion show like experience without intimidating their taste for fashion. In fact, that is what most of them turn to a fashion blog for.
  • Do Not Suggest Buying Expensive Products: The dream of buying expensive clothes, accessories, bags and shoes from big fashion labels often pursue people to end up adding them to their stock. Still, a large number of people cannot afford such brands. Fashion bloggers can bridge the gap by relying equally on low-budget products as they do on expensive brands.
  • Image is The Heart of Fashion Blogs: High quality photographs are a must for the success of a fashion blog. Fashion is one subject, blogs on which requires to cater to the ocular sensory nerves a lot. So, it becomes very important for the blogger to look for the right kind of pictures to validate the subjects of blog-posts. The readers will definitely like to have a look at what they are being suggested to wear. It is very important to put up very clear and professionally taken photographs that will also help them visualizing themselves in such clothes. It is very important for the blogs to become fashion inspirations for the readers. Otherwise, they will not come back to the blog again.

Camouflage Clothes

The method of concealing yourself from unwanted presence becomes effective with proper aid of clothing. Camouflage pattern of clothing are the main things that are responsible for the effective execution of entire process. Have you ever thought about the fact that why military uniforms are in such shades? What can be the possible reason for selecting such colors for the uniforms? The answer lies hidden in this camouflage concept. Actually the color of the uniform matches with the natural vegetation and thus the soldier becomes indistinguishable.

Camouflage clothes include a variety of different garments. It can be pants, shirts, shorts and even coats. All these garments make an individual invisible. The camouflage coat is used during winter. These special clothes are no more confined to military personnel and hunters but they have gradually crept into the closets of common people as well. Thus it defines a new camouflaging style in the regular wear items. Camouflage pants can be used for daily purposes. It can be easily combined with shirts and t-shirts creating a funky looking fashion trend.

Camouflage t-shirts are available in natural shades that resemble the colors surrounding us. The colors can be the color of the soil, vegetation and other materials. Camouflage clothes for military individuals and hunters are being designed on the basis of several factors. Weather conditions, soil, vegetation types are being considered while designing their clothes. But for common men they are simply designed for fashion.

This type of clothing at one point of time had played a very crucial role in various attacks and military operations. However, things have changed a lot. Apart from military personnel, they are equally popular among civilians. One will frequently come across persons passing by the streets wearing these clothes. Camouflage shorts are also being designed with a similar purpose. Collect these special garments so that you can also sport the trendy camouflage look.

Military style clothing, especially camouflage outfits are extremely popular because it adds a distinct individuality to whatever you wear with it and projects you in a positive way. There are so many variations and combinations that you can try out to appear fashionable and trendy without having to compromise on anything. These camouflage shorts and camouflage t-shirts are sure to spark a trend wherever you go.

Cargo Pants for Women

Fashion trends keep changing every moment. One needs to keep oneself updated about the latest trends. Fashion is very much related with comfort. Cargo offers both comfort as well as style in the single attachment. Cargo pants come with lots of pockets. Many important things can easily be stored in these pockets. In those cases women now don’t have to carry wallet o anything in extra. Style and comfort have been loaded together and we come up with the best output in the form of these cargo. If you want to look coo ye casual then go for this cargo and team up them casually with matching tops and proper accessories. You will turn out to be the center of all attraction along with the garments.

Pair up your women’s pants with other stylish stuffs emulating men but then also absolutely fitted for women only. You can give a try with close-fitting shirt, for example, a cap complemented well with canvas sneakers. For maintaining the feminine flavor, go for some jewelry items as well. Cargo shorts can also be considered for similar features and points. Cargo special items hold immense appeal that is really unavoidable. Cargo pants and shorts can be rightly paired up with stuffs that go actually well with them. You have to decide the look and make yourself feel comfortable as well.

Army shirts will be a nice selection to team up with a cargo so that you look sharp. The quality outfits will surely check out the ways and means how to utilize your cargo for creating fashion sensation. Firstly you may pair it up with shirts. Then you can also pair it up with t-shirts as well. Those who are much comfortable with the tom boyish look surely go for the cargo shorts. Cargo and capri are combined together to design cargo in capri fashion. Yet another remarkable style that will make you looks attractive amidst of others.

Army and navy store is the place where you can have easy access to an extensive collection of cargo as well as combat shirts. If you are somebody who has a strong liking to everything military, you should check out this store. The surplus products have a typical military flavor giving an exclusive touch that is impossible to locate in any other store. Create fashion frenzy like never before. Set the tone for others to follow.

Wear With Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are the ones we use for a casual, relaxed outfit. For women, they can handle nearly any height of heel, and they go well with trim shoe styles as they do with heavier ones. The good news is that the style is flattering for any fit woman/man. For example, a woman who wants to make her legs look a bit longer can use these jeans combined with a short jacket. You can also roll up to ankle a classic pair of straight jeans, for a more chic look. It will also expose and highlight any new pair of shoes you have both. Needless to say, your high-heel shoes will make a really bold stance.

If you want a though look, use some cool looking ankle boots with low heels. A really nice casual look can be obtained by using a colorful cardigan. And do not forget to get your scarf if the weather gets really chilly. You can never go wrong with a pair of straight jeans and a long coat. This style has been advertised by many celebrities who want to look chic and elegant. Furthermore, you can accessorize the style by adding a statement necklace. A simple, classic blazer will give a more distinctive look to any casual straight jeans. And you can easily accessorize it with a pair of sunglasses. Just make sure to match the colors.

For those who want a sassy look, we have good news. Denim pairs well with backless shirts. Again, you must choose your clothing carefully, and we are talking only about the color matching. Wearing something sassy can be a risky maneuver and there is a very thin line between something spicy and provocateur and something that’s kitschy. The trend for this autumn is a cropped, stovepipe straight-leg silhouette. It is a good reminder of the 90′, but let us not forget that mom jeans are also returning nowadays, stronger than ever before.

Right Sneakers For the Right Occasion

Pair them with your favorite jeans and take a leisurely stroll around the block. Or how about playing Frisbee in the park wearing a Capri with your sneakers? Add a feminine touch by wearing them with a cute skirt and a flirty top. For a casual but sporty look, how about wearing a tank top with either a loose pair of jeans or a cute pair of jogging pants? A sporty looking hoodie would also go well this. You can wear them with just about anything, right?

There are so many styles of sneakers and they each give a different flavor to an outfit. Basketball sneakers and tennis shoes always bring a sporty feel to an outfit. So, who cares that you do not really like any sport or that you consider shopping to be the ultimate sport? You can always pull off the style and look as if you came right out of the latest basketball game. Couple them with a pair of shorts, jogging pants or even a skirt. You can look as though you could practically take on anyone in any game and still do it with flair.

If you want to go for something more casual and artistic, don a pair of Chucks with your favorite skinny jeans and band shirt. Bring out the musician in you and tap to the beats blasting from your mp3 player. With so many colors of canvass sneakers that you can choose from, you could wear them with practically anything you want. They look great with tights, skirts, skinny jeans, loose tattered jeans, shorts, and dresses. For an added spunk, get one of those double-tongued high cut sneakers with multicolored shoelaces or even getting one of those thigh high sneakers with the comic designs around it.

Glam up your sneakers and get a personalized, unique look going by adding some touches like sequins, gems, paint and even just getting your friends to sign their names on your sneakers. Unleash your creativity and create your own design on a plain pair of sneakers. Play up an outfit by putting on a sneaker that has a splash of wild colors. Have a blast trying different styles with the way you tie your shoes. That is what having a pair of sneakers on is all about, having a ton of fun in the most casual and comfortable way.

Some Fashion of Layering

  • Cashmere Sweater Pullover-this is an essential piece for layering. You can throw it over any collared shirt to get the perfect layered look. It’s soft and comfortable and will add great warmth for those colder days in autumn. You can use cashmere sweaters as a mid base between an undershirt and a bigger jacket or coat when the winter months hit. Choose from an array of colors to keep the look fresh.
  • Chambray Button-Down-denim shirts are very trendy these days and it is the perfect addition to your layering essentials. You can use it alone, over a shirt, and you can throw a cardigan or jacket over it as well. The variety of denim washes is vast so you could go for the darker indigo chambray colors or the light blue washes. All will look great during the colder months. You can add a pop of color with a bright handbag or shoe.
  • Skinny Jeans-these are a necessary for a goes-with-anything look. Dark colors of denim will go well with anything you throw on. You can tuck them into your boots easily or you can easily wear them with flats or heels. They will flaunt your shape and look great with any outfit you layer and put together. It’s the essential pant for the layering look.
  • Cardigan-the cardigan is perfect for layering. They were pretty much designed for it. Cardigans are no longer just something your grandpa wears anymore. They are a staple of a great fall and winter fashion look. You can pull it over collared button-downs, t-shirts, long sleeve basics, and pretty much whatever you want. It will add to your warmth and give you a comfortable and trendy look.
  • Bright-Color Coat-Add a pop of color to any look with a bright coat or jacket. If you go for an all dark look with black jeans and a dark top, mix it up and express yourself with a bright-colored coat. This will create a great look and make a statement. The coat will keep you warm through those chilly fall and winter months.
  • Infinity Scarf-this scarf is a great look for those colder months. Throw this on over an oversized sweater for that comfortable fashionable look. Scarves are great for keeping the cold out but they are also great as accent pieces. Buy in array of colors to keep your look new and fresh over the many cold days in the season.
  • Riding Boots-or knee-high boots are a perfect accessory for the layered look during the colder months. You can tuck your skinny jeans into them easily and take on the rain, or snow. Pair these with a great pair of knee-high socks that come up above the boot for that ultimate layered look. Get that equestrian look with a great pair of riding boots to flaunt off along with your scarf and other accessories.

Look Good in Prada Sunglasses

Founded by Mario Prada from Milan, Prada began as a leather goods business in 1913. It was Mario’s grandaughter, Miuccia Prada, who inherited the business in 1978 and turned it into a fashion powerhouse by expanding the company into the clothing business with a bohemian style.

Prada has two other labels behind its main brand. Linea Rossa is its sports label and Miu Miu is a simple, vintage-inspired label.

Despite eyewear styles changing over the generations, Prada has remained on top. Regardless of whatever look you are searching for you can guarantee that you will be able to find a classic and sophisticated pair of sunglasses that will suit you own unique style.

Prada sunglasses come in a variety of colors – from the traditional black and gunmetal grey, to the subtle (and not-so-subtle) tortoiseshell, vibrant red and bright orange.

The Prada line of sunglasses also comes in a range of different shapes. From large and round to sleek and rectangular, you will be able to discover a set of sunglasses that suits your face’s shape and your fashion taste.

Prada sunglasses are not cheap, setting you back around $300 a pair. They are this price for a reason. You are paying for the quality and fashion design of one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses.

However, it is possible to find legitimate Prada sunglasses at discounted prices. The internet will be your best resource for finding cheap Prada eyewear with retailers being able to cut prices due to lower overhead costs and connections to wholesalers.

Lychee Bags

Work in style: Add a little spice to your work outfit with a groovy Lychee laptop bag. Lychee’s womens laptop bag Maddeline LBHBCP is made of durable fabric with a multicoloured trendy pattern and enough space to hold your laptop, important documents and mobile phone. Team it up with your office formals to add some spunk and attitude! If you like it simple and classy, go in for a sophisticated Lychee tote in pastel shades. Lychee’s women’s tote bag Patrica LBHBPU17GB is perfect for that formal understated style.

Out with pals: Paint the town red with bright hued Lychee handbags and sling bags with eye-catching patterns! Perk up your simple jeans and T-shirt look or with a funky black and white picture handbag or a multi-coloured sling bag with an attractive ikkat pattern from Lychee. For an effortless fashion statement, team up your simple white cotton summer dress with a trendy Lychee’s Pamela LBHBPU19G green sling bag with intricate detailing. A groovy satchel from Lychee is ideal if you’re looking for comfort and functionality. Throw Lychee’s satchel bag Amelie LBHBPU03BB in brown and beige over you and be comfortably stylish!

Out to dazzle: Out for a formal evening; to exude a refined charm, opt for a subtly embellished clutch bag from Lychee to go with your favourite LBD. If a fat Indian wedding is your destination, opt for a heavily yet tastefully embellished Lychee clutch bag. Team up your sexy chiffon or georgette sari or an elegant anarkali with Lychee’s intricately embroidered and beads encrusted ladies clutch LBBCSO5 in classy beige.

Bendy Necklace


As mentioned above, the twisting and the bending of the necklaces can be two inspiring ideas. Since it is flexible but also rigid, the bendy necklace remains in place, having a molded shaped appearance. These items can come as a unique and customized manner in which one can express his creative personality and attract the attention of other people. How could you miss such thing? Due to its bending and curving features, this type of necklace can also take the shape of a snake that crawls on your neck. And, of course, its name derives from here (snake necklace).

How to wear it?

The ideas are infinite. The necklace is suitable for an everyday look and with the help of the gold piece that bends, your Greece goddess look is not far from happening. There is also the silver choice that will make you look more like a business person that feels bold and confident.

Impossible to ignore

This type of jewelry is impossible to ignore because it has many of the characteristics that makes it unforgettable. Since it is bendy, it can offer the person wearing it thousands of possibilities and styles. This remains one of the decorations that can finally keep a woman satisfied because she will never get bored of it. Not to mention that a woman can save up big bucks because she will not have to shop for new jewelry daily.


We have arrived at the most interesting topic for ladies. Lucky for them, the bendy necklace can come in a wide collection of colors like copper, gold, silver, black or bronze. In addition to this, there are also various lengths or thicknesses which can generate multiple choices. The necklaces can also be combined in order to get a layered aspect. There are plenty of styles and possibilities that can be tested.


If you have decided to go and buy a necklace of this kind, remember that it has various names. You might want to search for it under the name of snake, flexible or bendy snake necklace. Just to be prepared and know what to buy!

Benefits of Sheepskin

Sheepskin is a very unique and versatile material. It has a low heat exchange rate, which means it is not affected by outside temperatures.

The fur is joined in a way that it maintains its temperature regardless of its surrounding temperature.

Sheepskin is naturally thermo-static thus keeping bare feet close to your natural body temperature regardless of the temperature outside. This means that while you’re wearing sheepskin, it’s automatically regulating your body temperature throughout the day. Because of this sheepskin footwear can be worn all year-round.

Sheepskin also absorbs moisture twice as well as cotton. The moisture circulates through the fur, eventually evaporating completely, allowing the product to remain dry.

Since the material is extremely absorbent, it eliminates body odour created by sweat and oils excreted by the human body. It is also anti-bacterial. The sheepskin rejects dirt particles and keeps itself clean.

Sheepskin is soft, warm, and very comfortable to wear. It does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It provides warmth during the winter and cool ventilation during the summer. The lanolin in sheepskin is similar to that found in human skin allowing it to help heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.

According to a report in The Lancet, a British medical journal, sheepskin has a soothing effect. Dr. Stephen Scott and his colleagues at Cambridge University Hospital worked with 34 incubator babies each weighing less than 2.5 pounds when it was decided to put half of them on sheepskin. What happened then was that 12 of the 17 babies in the sheepskin group gained weight faster than 14 of the 17 infants who continued on cotton sheets.

Why the bonus from sheepskin? At first it was thought that the sheepskin babies moved around less and so expended less energy. As it turned out, however, both groups of babies were equally active, which led the study authors to conclude that the probable explanation lay in sheepskin reducing stress on the infants by simple being more comforting than cotton.

So we can see that scientifically and through nature, items made of sheepskin provide more comfort for the individual than other materials. We all choose sheepskin footwear to keep us warm in the winter, but the unique properties of sheepskin make your slippers or boots a year-round article to wear, keeping you cool and sweat free in the summer months and warm during the winter periods.