Advantage of Blending Polyester With Cotton

While cotton has been manufactured for hundreds of years, polyester has only been around since the early 1950’s. It was discovered by Wallace Carothers and his team of research scientists while working for DuPont in 1930. DuPont wanted Carothers to develop artificial materials, deciding that basic research was the way to go. When Carothers team discovered a strong polymer that could be drawn into a fiber, they decided to change the course of research and developed nylon. The development of polyester was set aside and was not developed. As stated in my last article, a group of British scientists working for Imperial chemical Industries and following Carothers notes developed polyester and patented it.

Then in 1945 DuPont purchased the rights for further development of polyester. By the late 1950’s polyester cotton blends were made available in the marketplace. Because of its use as a stretch fabric poly cotton fabrics became a textile that could be used for clothing and bedding.

Polyester was combined with cotton fabrics to solve some of the problems people would have with wearing 100% cotton. Cotton would wrinkle very easily due to the absorptive qualities of all natural fibers. Polyester could retain its shape and color and can be cleaned very easily because of the different types of treatments that were applied to the fabric during its manufacturing process.

Polyester cotton blends are known for durability. It can be put in the washing machine and will retain its shape better than items made of pure cotton. Poly cotton blends are known for comfort when worn or used as bed sheets and pillow cases. The cotton will allow the fabric to breathe and maintain its soft feel while the polyester helps maintain the original structure.

Poly cotton is used to make a wide variety of items, from upholstery, bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, comforters to sportswear and denim. Poly cotton is mainly used in items that are expected to get a lot of wear. Sheets, sofa covers, track suits, t-shirts and hooded sweat shirts are often made of poly cotton blend because they are comfortable and durable.

Poly cotton can be blended in varying amounts. The fiber that is listed first will be the dominant fiber. In a cotton poly mix it would be 51% cotton and 49% polyester. A standard poly cotton mix used in the manufacture of bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets would be 65% polyester and 35% cotton for comfort and durability.

Let me offer advantages and disadvantages of using cotton or polyester alone:

  • Cotton is light and cool in warm climates. It is easy to clean and care for. It is hypoallergenic and will not cause skin rashes. It is breathable and will keep you cool in very warm climates. The disadvantages are that when washing you should wash in cold water and dry on low heat but don’t keep it in the drier for a long length of time. Cotton will have develop static when dried in a drier. You will have to separate the dark and light colors and wash separately and will have to iron cotton materials with high heat and steam.
  • Polyester is a strong durable and long lasting fiber. When washed it will easily maintain its shape. Polyester will wick away moisture in very warm climates but will not breathe like cotton. It will keep you warm in cold climates. It may not be best for sensitive skin and should be used for heavy use clothing and bedding. Polyester when washed will not need very much ironing, but if you must iron it use low heat so as not to melt the fiber. Remember it is made from petroleum.
  • Poly cotton blends of 50/50 are very durable and versatile. It will maintain its shape longer than cotton alone and will hold its colors longer. It is soft and light to the touch and is less susceptible to shrinkage, wrinkles and static. Poly cotton blend is not as breathable as pure cotton and will keep you warmer than pure cotton. If you need to iron poly cotton use low heat setting. It can be washed in warm water and dried on low to medium heat.

Tall Man Style Tips

It seems the world is against those over a certain height. You only have to cram yourself into an airplane or rental car seat to work that out. Pants, short pants and even shirts can also be hard to cram into – tall guys often have to buy larger fashion shirts as a result, but this can often mean the arms are too long causing them to blouse out unnaturally.

A tall man should avoid things like bright colors and vertical stripes. Just dress for the season and color must be universal and it all depends on how you pull it off with the rest of your look. There are many subtle ways to wear all the looks for a tall guy.

As a tall man you need to be comfortable in your clothes and with your look. If you are wearing well-fitted clothing you feel more confident and ready to take on the world, but when your cuffs are halfway up your arms or your whole body is feeling pinched by an ill-fitting shirt, you can feel self-conscious and awkward.

The most important clothing considerations for a tall man are:

  • Sufficient width in the shoulders of fashion shirts and dress shirts
  • Adequate length in pants legs and sweater and shirt sleeves
  • Enough room in the drop of the crotch to prevent pinching
  • Closely fitting jackets and shirts to prevent billowing

When it comes to choosing pants, there are many options available and as a tall man with long legs, the good news is that you can get away with them all. Slim-fitting trousers can look amazing whilst baggy cargo pants can help you to look a little shorter if this is the type of effect you are after.

Choosing designer shirts is a cinch too. If you don’t want to seem too imposing, you might want to choose shirts that are not too bold in design. A well cut jacket and a double collar shirt can look super stylish and will make sure you are noticed for your great fashion sense when you first walk into a room and not your height alone.

Advantages of Wearing Work Pants and Work Vests

These work pants have been designed especially for the workers who are unable to avoid kneeling and squatting while keeping safety and comfort in mind. These work pants are available at cheap and affordable rates with various modifications. You can choose amongst the variety that is offered in the market suiting your requirements and fitting in your budget.

It is a fact that every kind of environment needs different kinds of work pants and one must choose accordingly. Work pants are used frequently and that is why they are made to be durable and easily washable. They are generally made from top quality materials that enable them to withstand the wear and tear of time and extensive use. These pants are generally manufactured keeping in mind the requirement of the users and so manufacturers never compromise with the quality of the products.

People prefer to wear work vests as they are protective clothing and needed in certain work conditions. Moreover, they are also usually high in visibility aspect. You will also be able to get the work vests in many vibrant colors such as yellow, eco-friendly or orange. These colors add to its beauty and fashion quotient. However, choice of one man differs from the other to a large extent and there are different kinds of vests available in the market in order to cater to the individual choices.

A working vest is worn to avoid various places of work related accidents and also as a preventive measure for those who are wearing them. These types of vests are helpful to any or all individuals whose task is to operate and work in dangerous work conditions. Apart from such people, even bike riders on the streets can wear them; these safety jackets having reflective qualities will be able to save them from unforeseen accidents during the night and also the foggy conditions. In certain work atmosphere safety plays a major role, for such working conditions the employees are provided with safety coverings as a preventive measure. It is always important to pay attention on the quality of such safety items.

Buyers can also directly contact the manufacturer and the supplier in order to make a bulk purchase of these products. While sourcing products directly from the manufacturer users can be rest assured that they are going to have the best possible products at the best possible price. The main advantage of online shopping is that users easily get the products delivered right to their home without hopping from one store to another in search of the desired product.

Urban Wear Flair

The hip hop community has largely influenced the trends that we see today and even high fashion designers have included the hip hop lifestyle into their collections. What is the signature look of hip hop fashions? In the early 2000, hip hop trends seemed to be constantly evolving. The use of extra baggy clothes continued to be the norm as well as the use of “bling”. Hip Hop artists’ heavy influence made top designer brands very popular during these years. Trends from the 80’s and 90’s once again emerged, making bright colors and other trends such as graphic print hoodies popular again.

Today’s modern trends in the hip hop culture include the use of snapback hats along with clothing that is created with a personal message or story behind the brand. Why is this clothing influential? It represents a deeper level of connection than just wearing the clothes because of the style. It shows a deep sense of cultural inspiration and understanding. Hip hop fashion will always be remembered as one of the most important elements of both old school and modern music.

No matter how much the fashion trends change over the years, urban clothing is always going to be an essential wardrobe staple item in the closets of fashion forward men and women. Urban fashion has gained so much popularity that even world-famous designers are incorporating hip hop inspired styles into some of their hottest and most desirable designs. It is hard to hit a high fashion retail store without seeing some kind of urban wear on the racks.

When it comes to urban fashion some of the hottest styles include loose-fitting jeans, flannel button down shirts, diamond necklaces, and high top sneakers. Not only are these fashions comfortable, but it is simple to create a fashion statement that will be sure to turn heads.

Wholesale urban wear distributors are great for store owners looking to create a steady source of income. These distributors allow buyers to purchase the hottest trends in fashion in bulk and unit ordering. The ability to purchase the clothes at bulk rates allows the price to be kept low and reasonable. Wholesale distributors offer all of the latest urban trends available on the market – they are sure to keep up with the changing trends and keep their stock updated and fresh. With the wide selection that wholesale distributors have to offer, it has never been easier for buyers to resell great pieces of fashion to their customers.

Choose Quinceanera Dresses

Searching for birthday dresses is definitely challenging, particularly since the guest of honor wants to look her best. However, the following tips can make that challenge fun and easy.

    • Elegance is the key. Considering that a quinceanera is a family event, the birthday girl should keep her look decent. Elegance is the best way to go since it reflects her transition from childhood to womanhood. She will certainly look like the princess she has always dreamed of being while also looking like the grown lady she is becoming on this special day.
    • Ball gown dresses in bright colors work very well. Keep in mind that a ball gown style dress may not suit every girl’s body type. However, a girl can pull this look off by choosing a silhouette style top and ball gown style skirt. Vivid colors and jewels help create a look that is both amazing and suitable for a variety of different body types.
    • The colors of the dress are an important consideration. Many quinceanera dresses have consisted of pastel colors, soft or brightly bold pinks, greens, or even ivory colors that make her look and feel like the princess she really is. However, black and sapphire dresses are another consideration, particularly since they reflect the elegance and sophistication the young lady deserves.
    • Accessorizing plays a major role in choosing the perfect dress. If the young girl likes to wear accessories, it means finding a dress that suits her style and lets her accessorize as she pleases. Avoid over embellished dresses when pairing with accessories. Many of these special ladies like to complete their look by pairing their dress with a necklace and even a tiara. A tiara can look great with any style of dress, no matter how adorned or unadorned it may be. However, a necklace may not go well with all styles of dresses so make sure the guest of honor is aware of this before choosing her dress.
    • Accentuate the shape of the young lady by pairing a dress with a great corset. This highlights her womanly shape so choose a dress that is not overly revealing. A sweetheart neckline or halter top dress goes great with a corset.

Spanish Flamenco Dress

However the dress itself had very humble origins. It has been recorded that the dress has evolved slowly from the peasants of Andalusia in Spain and in particular from the gypsy women. These are the women who accompanied their men to the Seville cattle Market in the late nineteenth century and who traditionally wore frilled aprons or pinafores over their clothes as these were comfortable to work in.

Every year the family would have to transfer to Seville for the important fair The country women would brighten up their apparel for such an important social event. As the fair became more and more of a social event in Andalusian society in the early twentieth century, the ladies of the high society saw these gypsy folk in their interesting dresses and began to copy the style. This was an attractive style to them as fashion at the time was rather conservative and the bright colours and frills of the country folk was a refreshing change of style.

It was at the Ibero-American Fair of 1929 when the dress made its official d├ębut into Spanish society. From then on it became the iconic symbol of Spain and Spanish culture and tradition. After that, the birth of the Spanish flamenco doll was just a matter of time. During the tourism boom of the early nineteen fifties and sixties the Spanish flamenco doll travelled the world, becoming a kind of ‘ambassador’ of all things Spanish. The blend of fire, passion and exotism portrayed in the doll was hard to resist, and these were qualities that the authorities at the time wished to transmit.

The ‘flamenco’ dress has recently developed into a ‘must-have’ fashion item in Spanish Society. The frills or ruffles have been lowered and often begin around the knee instead of the waist or hip. The whole ‘body’ of the dress has become more stylised and figure-hugging.

History of Crombie

Established in 1805 by John Crombie, the son of a family of weavers, the company began production at Cothal Mill on the River Don near Aberdeen. The dense woollen cloth it produced was scoured, milled, spun and woven to provide protection against the Scottish winter. His reputation growing, each year John Crombie would travel the country selling his high-quality luxury fabric to cloth merchants and London tailors who were looking for new and exciting materials for their wealthy customers. In 1821, when Crombie’s eldest son James joined the company, it became known as J&J Crombie Ltd. At the Great Exhibition in 1851 Crombie was presented with a medal by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and at the 1855 Exposition Universelle in Paris the company won a commendation from Napoleon III. Crombie cloth soon became the fabric of choice with Savile Row and other fashionable drapers in Great Britain and abroad.

Export markets expanded in 1861 when grey fabric was supplied to the Confederate side during the American Civil War. And, not content with providing protection against the winters of northern Britain, Crombie turned their attention to the harsh conditions in Russian. The famous Russian Coat was born in 1880 and it was soon the favourite of the Tsar and his royal court. Although Imperial Russia with its emperor and aristocracy was the antithesis of what the Communist Party believed in, members of the KGB and the Politburo, the ruling elite of the Soviet Union, had a preference for Crombie overcoats too. When Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev visited Britain in 1984 it was noted that he wore a Crombie. Obviously, not everything that the great enemy, Western Capitalism, produced was wrong!

From the 1870s Crombie’s grandson Theodore did much to increase the company’s presence in the world. He developed markets in countries as diverse as Canada and Japan and it wasn’t long before Crombie was manufacturing lightweight coats, suits and jackets for the Continental markets in France, Belgium and Germany. During World War One the company produced the serge, khaki and flannel materials that made up the greatcoats and uniforms of the officers of the British Army. And during World War Two it provided the cloth for the overcoats of hundreds of thousands of military and civilian personnel in Britain and the US. Historical figures of the time wore Crombie coats. King George VI wore a double-breasted Crombie overcoat with peaked lapels, as did the Hollywood actor Cary Grant, while Winston Churchill preferred a single-breasted Crombie overcoat with notched lapels. Not to be outdone, American presidents Dwight D Eisenhower and John F Kennedy were also fans.

In the 1920s the Crombies retired from the business and J&J Crombie Ltd was taken over by the Salt family of Saltaire in West Yorkshire. Later, in 1958, it became part of Illingworth Morris, Britain’s largest textile group. During the 1960s and 1970s Crombie coats entered British popular culture when they were worn by superstars such as the Beatles and became the trademark of sub-culture groups such as the Skinheads and the Mods.

Today, the scouring process is more refined and production has evolved to suit the technological age. Crombie is now a high-end fashion brand with stand-alone stores in Edinburgh, Manchester and London and an online store providing direct access to its products for international as well as domestic customers. With its sense of heritage, the Crombie coat is available in various styles, including the Retro, the Covert and the Authentic Greatcoat. Crombie jackets are currently offered, double- or single-breasted, in classically cut plain or striped wool. Women will be happy to learn that they can also avail themselves of the Crombie coat as there is a comprehensive range of beautifully stylish luxury ladies’ coats and jackets in cashmere and wool.

Spiked Accessories

Jewelry is the easiest way to incorporate this tough girl trend into your wardrobe, especially if you are just starting to experiment. Stack a few spiked bracelets with some jeweled bangles or wooden cuffs. Or try a necklace with delicate metal shards paired with a floral or lace top for a look that is sure to stand out. The contrast pairing a notoriously frilly fabric with the modern twist of metal adds a stunning dimension to any outfit. Designers have also paired pearls, crystals, and sparkling gemstones with porcupine quills and metal cones for fierce yet feminine rings and earrings.

This fad has also been seen on shoes. The femininity of high heels have been intercepted by the incorporation of metal studs. Varying in shape, size, and length, you have to be careful not to kick anyone while wearing these shoes. They are pretty useful for self defense, though. More casual footwear like sneakers, flats and sandals have also been infiltrated by this trend. It is best not to wear long skirts with these types of shoes as the fabric could get caught and trip you. And besides, the whole point of these attention getting shoes is for them to be seen, right? Short skirts, shorts and skinny jeans will look great.

Handbags and clutches seem to be the most spectacular looking when covered in tough hardware and decorated with these metal spikes. Whether jutting out from the sides or covered completely, the petite and sweet nature of clutches are juxtaposed by the toughness of this kind of decoration. When combined with a snakeskin or animal print fabric, it takes this purse to a whole new level. Envelope clutch purses are a good choice for more casual outfits while knuckleduster minaudieres studded in metal are great for nights out.

Hats To Wear to The Beach

You might think that a straw hat seems a bit farmer-like right? It’s not! This one is uber stylish, ever-so-chic and it looks great no matter what you are doing on the beach. The best part? If you get a wide-rimmed hat like this, you won’t ever have to worry about shielding your eyes, because this one will do it for you!

Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

Vintage is very in right now and finding the right vintage hat for you is very important. Take a look at this hourglass vintage at for the summer months! They remind me of synchronized swimming and times when candy was just five cents instead of a the dollar it is now! This hat will bring you back to times when it was carefree and it’ll keep you totally protected from the sun!

Finally, the last super stylish and fashionable hat that we’re going to go over is the fedora! This hat is uber chic and ever-so-fashionable for the beach! It’s a hat for the guys-girl, a hat for a girl that wants to put something on to look cool, but also to keep the fashion in mind. No matter what design you tie around this hat, it’ll match any outfit at all!

Your head needs to be sheltered in the hot sun and you can find something to put on your head that is so much fun to wear and they can really enhance the beauty of your swimsuit! So, have you ladies ever coordinated a beach hat with your swimsuit? Have you ever gone to the beach with a super fashionable beach hat? Would you? Try any of these above or let me know your faves!

Wearing Pantyhose

If you’ve recently gained a bit of weight, wearing full-support pantyhose is the answer to your problem. Lose a few pounds by going for darker-colored pantyhose. They give you the illusion of a slimmer figure by providing compression, minimizing bulges, cinching the waist and tapering the thighs. Forget about surgery. Achieve a more flattering figure by wearing the right pair of supportive pantyhose.

If you’re petite girl, a quick and easy way to add a few inches to your height is by wearing pantyhose. Choose dark colored hosiery and pair it with high-heeled shoes in the same shade. This trick effectively gives you the impression of having longer legs.

Common fashion dilemmas that ladies have to deal with are visible panty lines. When you’re wearing body-conscious garments and tight fitting skirts, this is the least that you want to worry about. You can eliminate unsightly panty lines by selecting seamless underwear as well as wearing pantyhose. They give you a smoother and toned look and successfully conceal your behind.

Wearing pantyhose encourages you to be more creative and experimental with your day to day outfit choices. When you have numerous pantyhose styles and colors to choose from, your sartorial options are widened giving you more freedom. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and try different trends. Fashion is about self-expression. It should be enjoyable and satisfying.

There’s nothing more boring than wearing plain outfits. Necklaces adorn your d├ęcolletage; bracelets decorate your wrists while earrings embellish your ears. Accessories complement and enhance your look. Just like these items, pantyhose will add more fun into your ensemble and make your legs fashionable. Pantyhose easily perk up your look and give it more character.

When it’s chilly and cold outside, together with a wool coat, leather gloves and a thick scarf, wearing pantyhose can also keep you warm. They provide full-coverage and help retain heat. In addition, they’re important in preventing frostbite.

Black has always been classic. Investing in pantyhose in this shade instantly makes you look polished. Alternatively, if black is too dark for you, you can opt for gray pantyhose in sheer designs for that timeless Audrey Hepburn look.

If you are self-conscious about wearing skirts and short dresses because of the birthmarks on your legs, don’t fret as donning pantyhose is the perfect solution. Depending on which style and color of pantyhose you choose, they can conceal scars, veins and other blemishes.

Pantyhose can protect your feet especially when you’re wearing newly bought shoes. They serve as a barrier that safeguards your soles and toes from the harsh leather.