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Prada Bags
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The History and Origination of the Prada Bags Company

At the heart of Prada’s creativity and modernity the careful observation and with curiosity about what the world the society and culture thinks, pushed Prada beyond the physical limitations of boutiques and showrooms, interfering with different and seemingly distant worlds, and introducing a new way to create things.
The lover of handbags, as far as we know, some go out and some seem to be collecting a wide variety of bags over the years to be traveling with Happy New Year 2018 Images Some of them are classical and some of them are fashion preoccupation collectors.


The company opened in 1913 by Fratelli Prada (English: Prada Brothers), a leather goods store by Mario Prada and his brother Martino in Milano, Italy. Initially, the shop sold leather goods and imported British steamed bags and the handbags Festival Days .
Mario Prada do believe that female should not enter in the business, and prevented women from entering family businesses. Ironically, Mario was not interested in the business, so Luisa Prada, the successor of Prada, ran for almost two decades. Her daughter Miuccia Prada entered the company in the year 1970 and ultimately took over her mother business position in 1978.
Miuccia began to remove the water-resistant backpacks from Pocon. In 1977, Patrizio met with Bertelli, an Italian who was the owner of leather goods business and joined the Prada Company shortly thereafter Merry Christmas 2018 Greetings . The Prada Company advised Miuccia to make better decisions. It was advised to stop importing the british goods and make necessary arrangement of making quality leather bags in the home country.
Prada has a great history and is spreaded around every corner of the world. With all the successes and the pioneer in the innovative and fashion world, the label has already begun to remain in the family.


Miuccia took over the company in 1978 and on that count, the hourly sales reached up to $ 450,000. Miuccia, managing director with Bertelli, was able to apply his creativity to the company’s designs. She will incorporate her ideas into Prada’s house.
In the year 1979 she released her first backpack and wholesale kit. It was made from a tough military nylon that was used by her grandfather for covering steamer trunks. The initial success was not instantaneous, as sales were difficult to make because they were lacking in advertising failure and high prices, but the lines would continue to be the first commercial hit.
Later Miuccia and Bertelli searched for wholesale accounts for bags in luxury stores and boutiques all over the world. Prada opened a second boutique in 1983 in the heart of Galleria Vittorio, which is the heart of Milan’s shopping, in the old “London House” shop, reminiscent of the old store, run by Felice Bellini from 1870 until 1960. With elegant and modern contrast.
A big nylon sock next to you. That same year, Prada’s house began to expand in continental Europe, making room in major shopping areas in Florence, Paris, Madrid and New York City. A shoe line was also put on the market in 1984. In 1985, Miuccia became a sensation in a “classic Prada bag” at night. Despite being practical and robust, stylish lines and workmanship leaked a luxurious air that became the Prada signature.
In 1987 Miuccia and Bertelli were married. Prada, in 1989, presented a collection of women’s ready-made clothing in the market, and the designs were known for their falling arches and narrow arches. And then Prada’s popularity goes high and high, and the world likes its clean lines, rich fabrics and basic colors, the Prada back time passed.

Some More Prada Bags Company achievements

In 1913 Mario Prada selected the Prada label with the starting of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and established the Prada brand. The label actually started with the name Fratelli Prada. This shop was located in the Italian fashion capital Milan and featured by beauty bags and leather bags.
In the year 1919, Prada was selected as Official Supplier of Italian Royal House. Due to this honor, Prada authorized to use the knot rope in Savoy’s House and the brand logos. The European Aristocrats support Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which increases the name and exclusivity of Prada.
In the year 1978, Miuccia Prada officially took over the Prada Company. Best Orange Juicer Prada comes with his first big break and innovates a nylon that looks like a precious silk. This fabric is a standalone one and is used in fashion world.
The first collection of female Prada shoes was unveiled in 1982.
After working on a new dimension for the Prada brand, a new store started in Via della Spiga in 1983 and the label got a new look.
Prada backpack went on the market in 1984.
In 1986, Launches the new international stores and opens a store in New York and Madrid Prada.
In 1987, Miuccia and Bertelli have long been partners and married at last.
Miuccia Prada launches in 1993 the new Miu Miu brand. Miu Miu brand has women’s ready-made clothing, shoes, shoes, bags and $1 Web Hosting some accessories.
This year, the creation of Milano Prada Art, a project to capture and display provocative art, cinema, architecture and culture, was also noted.
The brand has already been introduced to the first men’s collection market to add an exciting and innovative year, and there are apparel, accessories and footwear.
In 2000, Prada arrived at another turning point and drove the sunglasses and glasses collection to the market.
In 2001, The Car Shoe brand is now in control of Prada and the first Prada Epicenter started in the city of New York to re-eye the way to the shopping experience.
In 2003, Prada began to create perfumes by making an agreement with PUIG which is a Beauty & Fashion Group. The glasses collection for both Prada and Miu Miu was signed with Luxottica, resulting in an increase in production and international distribution. Epicenter continues to come with the opening of the second venue in Tokyo.